Product Review; Trilane Retinol+Vitamin C Moisturizer by Healthy Directions

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In a nutshell, Trilane Retinol+Vitamin C Moisturizer is a powerhouse of retinol minus the harshness. Visibly reduces signs of aging for more luminous, brighter skin. It gives you everything original. Combines age-fighting and skin-renewing antioxidants to leave your skin firmer for a more radiant, youthful glow. It smoothes and evens out skin texture, speeds turnover of skin cells, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, protects your skin from environmental damage, diminishes brown spots, and minimizes and unclogs pores, all while being gentle enough for everyday use.


My personal experience with this product has been pretty good. Having combination skin has always been a challenge and adding to that challenge is the dryness I’ve had to face as a price for using Retinol based products in my skincare regimen. Thankfully, this moisturizer has been a life saver in that regard.

The most interesting thing about it is its thin, almost face oil like consistency which made it easy to apply and made it last way longer than I had expected. Plus you don’t have to deal with the weird tightened sensation on your skin that comes after applying a Vitamin C or Retinol serum since it’s a moisturizer. A few pumps go a long way, which is great because my only serious issue with this product has been its price.

Its lightweight, non greasy and unscented, making it convenient to wear under makeup. Other than hydrating my skin, I didn’t really see it make too much of a difference but it was quite helpful in making my pores smaller as well as somewhat reducing the appearance of dark spots due to the Vitamin C, but it’s definitely a good investment if you’re a mid to late twenties something looking for preventative anti aging skin care that doesnt dry out your skin.
Overall I give this product a solid 6 out of 10.

Wanna give it a try? Well, right now you can save 20% off your first purchase on Amazon when you use code SAVERETC at checkout. (expires 12/31/15)
Available for $49.99 right here.

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Vita Sciences Maxasorb Vitamin B12 Cream

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EsLyrFfBToC1VwA3jorA_maxabsorb facebook ad hands

Maxasorb B12 is scientifically formulated to topically deliver Vitamin B12. Similar technology as  the patented B-12 Patch is used in this skin soothing lotion. Each full application of lotion provides 320 micrograms of Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) plus 120 micrograms of Vitamin B3 (niacin) and 10 micrograms of Folate.

Maintaining overall energy levels and cognitive abilities supports a healthy lifestyle. Vitamin B12 and folate help preserve DNA integrity and are important for lowering homocysteine levels. Key medical experts even suggest that all healthy adults over 50 years of age supplement their diets with 100 to 400 micrograms per day of Vitamin B12.

Using Maxasorb B12 as directed is a safe and reliable method of absorbing key B-Vitamins. Infused with antioxidants and moisturizers, greaseless Maxasorb is easily absorbed into your skin. Each 1.7 ounce bottle delivers 30 applications of lotion in protected and measured amounts. Natural ingredients assure this lotion is gentle to your skin. Helps soothe dry, itchy, or irritated skin patches from eczema, psoriasis, or other skin rash. For anti-aging, supports renewal of healthy skin cells, reduces appearance of wrinkles, moisturizes. Each bottle contains a one-month supply of thirty measured applications of vitamin B12 methylcobalamin.

Available here at the VitaSciences website.

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Black Coffee; Pt Two


As expected, you punished me. Perhaps more than you punished them but definitely less than you punished yourself. 

She’s annoying… That’s the first thing that comes into his mind once he lays eyes on her. The cafe is under crowded and air conditioned, serving as the best spot for him to finish marking errors on the files, all while being mystified at the scope of originality in which his subordinates had chosen to display their incompetence. Perhaps I should make them pay me for all the time that carries over into my break in fixing their screw ups, he ponders darkly. His train of thought is broken by  loud sniggering coming from one of the tables in front of him.

Its a trio of  girls. Students, judging by the emblem on one of their hoodies, giggling and chattering about god knows what in typical female fashion. He sighs while stretching back a little and takes a sip of the bitter brown liquid in his cup. Two of them seem to be leaving. He watches them bid farewell and exit the cafe. The remaining girl gets up and makes her way towards the counter to order another cup of coffee. When she turns, their eyes meet for a brief moment and he is astounded by the shine in hers. She seems stunned initially but calms herself and greets him with a polite smile. He regains his composure and responds with a curt nod getting back to working on the files, stealing one last glance at her as she takes her seat and starts scrolling up and down on her smartphone.


 You are as lovely as a painting. An alluring piece of art sitting upon a canvas. And so I love you. To me you represent all that might be, could be, should be.. But isn’t.

You are false, and so I despise you. When I see you breaking, it soothes me. I find comfort in watching your shaky fingers struggling to gather your shattered being. The realization that you’re about to fade away, its scary but wonderful all the same. Still, every time the lights turn dim, I find myself mourning for the pieces you’ve lost.


To you I was love, light, and the spark of life. To me you were always an enigma. A surreal, beautiful nightmare, a maze. And so I hated you. I did all I could to renounce you. Ignored your cries and your desperation, but in doing so I stole myself the realization that you were the very foundation upon which I stood. 

I know you resent me. I admit, I deserve it. I refused to hear your voice, chalked up your words to lies and blocked my ears from everything you said. I know now why it was.  Unlike me, you spoke the truth and it terrified me. Even so, I sought your counsel when I was lost. Yes, it broke me. The infernal mystery you had treasured so much burned out with a single flick of his wrist, and for that, im sorry. In my cowardice, I abandoned you and in my heartbreak, I must abandon you once again.

I’m tired and hurt. Yet on the verge of life and death, I must selfishly request of you, please accept me in my flickering moments. Even if all that is left of me is smoke, allow me a last embrace so that I may find peace in oblivion, in you.


He looks up as the waiter brings her beverage. She’s been lost in thought for a while now, hands hanging nonchalantly by her sides, phone long forgotten on her lap and face masked with an unreadable expression. The waiter calls out to her. Once. Twice. She doesnt respond. He stares quizzically as the confused waiter places the beverage in front of her and tries to leave without seeming awkward, mumbling something about preparing her check.

He tears his gaze away from her and runs it over the neatly arranged pile of finished documents, then to his watch, then back to her and takes a sip of the now cold coffee in his cup. I guess I have enough time to enjoy a refill, he smirks gesturing the younger man.

No. Dont speak. You’ve denied me for so long, refuse me once again. Ignore me. Torture me. But I beg of you, don’t fall into my arms. Don’t seek of me compassion. Don’t lose yourself in the depths of my warmth. Im not used to it. Your sorrow is too heavy a burden for me to bear. Be once again what I used to admire, yet have so out of my reach. Don’t fall now. Don’t give in to me. 


 He checks his watch. 10.15, it reads. He shifts his focus to her eyes that remain glued to their reflection on the surface of the cup. It’s been fifteen minutes and she hasn’t so much as touched her coffee, he muses running his eyes over her silhouette. The employees are at a loss and he notices their nervous glances. Two of them are arguing over who gets to bring her the check. He sighs, deciding to get up.

‘Pardon me, Miss…’

Why is it that you must always reject my pleas? Why must you always ask of me more than I can give? The you that remains is no more than a broken vessel. A mockery of one I had known and cherished. But rest now and be assured. I will hold your hand till the flames are out.  If only for your sake, I shall allow myself this kindness.

You were always so stubborn..


‘Err… Miss?’
She isn’t responding. He panics for a moment, then studies her expressions. Her face is clouded and she seems to be getting tearful. Oh great, he rolls his eyes. Just what I needed.
Cautiously, he extends his hand to tap lightly over her shoulder.
Nothing. He glances over at the employee behind the counter and is met with a helpless shrug. Sigh. He clears his throat, a bit loudly this time.

‘Miss!!’ She jumps as though she’s been hit with a thousand watts.
‘Are you alright?’ He bites back a smile, surprised but amused nonetheless.
‘Ah.. y..yes.’ She lifts her head to meet his gaze and its his turn to be shocked. Her eyes, they look … different. Like a set that belongs to a whole other person. That captivating glint is nowhere to be found, replaced by an unknown darkness. He feels like he’s drowning.

She raises an eyebrow at his reaction. ‘Can I help you?’
He catches himself in time. ‘Well, I was wondering if you’re doing okay. Its just that I’ve noticed you sitting here for a while but you still haven’t even touched your coffee, so I thought I should check in to make sure you’re alright.’
She eases at his explanation. ‘Oh, yes. Thank you. Im perfectly fine. Im just a bit of an airhead actually.’
‘I see. Well, I’ll get going then. Have a nice day.’ He nods to her, deciding to take his leave.
She smiles a half smile and turns back to her table. For some reason it leaves him with a heavy heart, but he brushes it off, pays his dues and rushes outside, pile of documents under one arm.

She glances at the now cold beverage in front of her and chugs it all down in one go.

Rest in peace, my dearest.

She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand, then with a bitter smile, raises her arm.
‘Check please!’

———————————————  fin  ————————————————-

Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub by goPURE Naturals

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ecuhQm35SlekgPmJLXmk_Salt Scrub_Ocean Breeze_sScrubs help circulation and are a wonderful way to invigorate your skin. Made with Real Dead Sea Salt, Adovia presents a 100% pure and genuine infusion of 21 minerals, essential to proper skin functioning. Exfoliate and pamper body with this Salt Scrub that combines Dead Sea Salt and minerals with natural, moisturizing Oils.

Gentle and reviving, fine grain dead sea salts exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells, revealing a younger layer of skin. Deeply moisturizing oils infuse skin with luxurious hydration that lasts all day. While smoothing and stimulating the skin, this relaxing body scrub will gently buff away dead skin cells leaving you with a smooth, supple and refreshed splendor. The abrasive action of the salt will remove dead skin cells and open pores, allowing them to breathe. This vigorous scrub not only softens, stimulates and cleans the skin but also makes it look lighter. Works great in the shower or bath. Also a great hand exfoliator to use in the sink or foot scrub.

Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub retails for around $13 here at Amazon. Grab yours quick!

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Pure & Essential Minerals present The Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask

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Dead Sea mud has been renowned for centuries as a natural beauty remedy. Now you have the opportunity to gain it benefits as well thanks to the folks at Pure & Essential Minerals, where their motto is to seek out the world’s most ancient natural beauty regimens – timeless skin care remedies that help promote radiant skin. As this luxurious mud mask gently dries on your face, it draws out excess oils, impurities & grime from your skin. At the same time your skin is infused with ancient Dead Sea minerals and essential oils. This mask leaves your face clean, fresh and blemish free. Used weekly your complexion will gain a new clarity and all-day glow.

Give yourself and your loved ones a gift from the world’s mos ancient spa. This Mud Mask From the Dead Sea Contains 100% Natural and Organic Ingredients. The benefits are countless. Renowned anti-aging properties tighten pores, reduce wrinkles and lines and promote youthful, healthy, natural skin. A weekly mud-mask will diminish and heal the most common skin issues including Blemishes, Acne, Breakouts, Pimples, Blackheads, Eczema and Psoriasis. Use as a facial mask, spot treatment or full body mask.

Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask by Pure & Essential Minerals retails here for approximately $25.

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Youth Glow Eye Gel by goPURE Naturals

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Say yes to glowing, younger looking skin! Youth Glow Eye Gel by goPURE Naturals eliminates puffiness, dark circles & wrinkles that make you look older than your age and let your eyes shine with their natural beauty. Formulated with Matrixyl 3000, which in clinical study, has been proven to make eyes look two years younger in a single month of use, this 100% natural eye gel reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles restoring fresh, youthful skin.

Also equipped with Plant Stem Cells, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, a Proprietary Peptide Complex and a 100% MONEY BACK Satisfaction Guarantee. If you can’t honestly say that your eyes look ten years younger after two months of daily use, they’ll give you back your money! GoPURE Youth Glow Eye Gel retails for about $13 here at Amazon.
Safe for all skin types & does not contain Parabens, Sulfates or Alcohol.

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Black coffee; Pt One


I had known you since forever. From the muddled, dreamy beginnings of consciousness to the descent of my being towards a concrete existence. I had known your face as long as i had learnt to recognize my own, distinguished it from countless others and found solace in the radiance it carried. Your name had been familiar, even before i knew how to write it with my own. To me you had always been life. You were real. I had known that before i’d known anything else.


To you I was a shadow. Lurking, fading, shrinking under you. A silent admirer that followed your every turn, one so fragile that would disappear when confronted with the light you emitted. Even so, I clung tightly onto your feet each time you’d extend your hand to the stars, hoping your mind still held some account of my company.

You were never a fool. Always knew what you wanted and what someone held you worth. I could never prove to be good enough. I recall clearly, your laughter as you sat amongst your peers, entertaining yourselves at the expense of my alleged stupidity. Id only be left to feel a burning sensation seep through my chest. Promise myself each time I would not allow myself to bow to you again. Id resent you. Resent me. And us.

‘Why can’t you be more like her?’, you’d say everytime you saw me falling short. Id just sink deeper within my mind’s hell. Find myself a sanctuary and sit there for hours, head hung in shame, toes digging in the barren earth. It comforted me, the bond we shared.  Faded wastelands. Both of us.

My broken pride would lead me to countless failed attempts at rebellion. I would shake from head to toe, yelling, crying, pleading for you to acknowledge me. Give me a sign so I could carry on. Yet, all it ever did was push you further away. You remained always a stranger to me until the very end.


They would tell me I must hate them. Assumed I would be their enemy. That you played me like a pawn to do your bidding against them. But most of all they would pity me. Me and my blind quest for your approval. They were not alone. I would pity me too. But most of all, I would hate me. Try to rid myself off of the lone shreds of happiness that would lose their way into my life. I had locked myself in a cage of your choice and thrown away the key.


I still remember watching the light die from your eyes when I told you what they had done to you. I remember wishing I could take all the pain on myself and sit there frozen for the rest of the night in your stead. I remember wishing I had lost my voice before rendering you speechless, or having the strength to deny my compliance if it meant I could further your illusions. If only by a bit longer.

No. Perhaps I shouldn’t claim for it to have been that innocent. In truth a part of me did want you to suffer. Wanted you to repent. I had come to hate you almost as much as I had loved you. But that’s not all.

You were pathetic.
I had seen you turning into a reflection of myself right in front of my eyes. How you ignited hope with shaky hands everyday only to be shot down again and again and again. And then you would brush it off and laugh that empty laugh I had heard so many times coming from myself. You were not me. I couldn’t let you be like me. And so, when you demanded from me what I knew, I ignored the silent prayers in your eyes. I chose to tell you the truth and regretted doing so as soon as I did.

 As expected, you punished me. Perhaps more than you punished them but definitely less than you punished yourself.


To Be Continued…

Product Review; 100% Pure Radha Argan Oil by Radha Beauty

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yWyJncRuquZRhV5co3AS_Argan Oil

Discover 100% Pure Radha Argan Oil that naturally freshens, hydrates and softens dry skin, it also repairs and beautifies hair, from roots to split-ends and improves scalp health.  Infused with nutrients and antioxidants that make the skin soft and fights against the loss of elasticity and firmness. Strengthens brittle, cracked, nails and softens cuticles. The amazing gold of Morocco can be used as a topical ointment for medicinal and therapeutic purposes to soothe the irritated skin of infants, for various skin ailments, and to protect against skin infections. It was also used in traditional cuisine. It is first cold pressed to ensure the best quality, highest-grade oil. Unscented, Lightweight & pure for the ultimate healthy glow.

I was recently given the opportunity to test out the benefits of this product for my review. First, the thing that I liked most about Radha Argan Oil was the subtle fragrance instead of the over bearing custard-like smell one usually expects out of Argan Oil. Secondly, I loved how well it worked as a frizz controller on those bad hair days. Doubles as a leave in deep conditioner too, leaving the hair silky and touchable the next morning. Although one bottle wasn’t enough for too many root to tip applications, (In its defense, I do wear my hair well past the usual mid back length) I did find my hair in better overall shape after the first two or three uses.

Moving on to the skin department, I’m not exactly fond of using oils on my face but I did use this product on my heels, elbows, knees as well as my hands and found that it makes for a good moisturizer for those extra dry spots. I would not recommend it for full body use however, given that it is not quite absorbable enough with its thick consistency and might leave you with a sticky sensation.
All in all a very reasonable product for a reasonable price. I give it a 7 out of 10.

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Advanced Green Tea Extract by ZenWise Labs

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ZenWise Labs proudly present this specialized, caffeine-free blend of Green Tea Extract and Vitamin C that fortifies the immune system and provides a variety of invaluable health benefits.

This Extract is plant-based supplement that has been shown to assist with weight loss and cholesterol reduction, as well as potentially lessening the risk of heart disease, diabetes and brain diseases. Adding Vitamin C with the powerful polyphenols of Green Tea can help increase antioxidant protection against free radicals to promote a stronger immune system and healthier well-being.

Key benefits include; Increased fat burning, improvement in physical performance, antioxidants, and all natural ingredients that help lower cholesterol. For more information, promotional offers and more, don’t forget to like ZenWise Labs on Facebook!

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