Love Thyself

Yourself first..

If you want to make someone fall in love with you, you’ll have to fall in love with yourself first. Just as, if you want respect, you must demonstrate self-respect, no one worthy of your time is going to surrender their heart to someone who can’t even impress themselves. Think of all the wonderful, interesting, clever, and enchanting parts of your personality and realize how valuable they make you as a person. If you can’t think of many reasons to love yourself,love yourself anyhow. How you see yourself and treat yourself shows the rest of the world how you should be treated. Lead with an example of appreciation for the unique and fantastic person you are and others will follow. If you want to make someone fall in love with you, the first ‘someone’ should be YOU.


First look at Fairy Tail


So this is probably old news for ya’ll, but i recently just discovered Fairy Tail…Watched the first two eps on funimation and absolutely LOVED it. Now ive heard that so far it has over a hundred episodes and is still ongoing…but i hope it doesnt make me lose interest in it with too many fillers like One piece and Naruto… (dont hate me)

Since this anime has been on air for almost three years now, i guess it nwont hurt to post spoilers…. anyway, the story is about a magical land of Fiore, where magicians are born and wizards form guilds to train them, among which the Fairy Tail guild is the most esteemed of all. There are many types of magic but right now we’ve just been introduced to dragon slayer, sleep and celestial spirit magic (my favorite).

Lucy heartfilia, one of the main characters of the series, succeeds to join the Fairy Tail guild with the help of Natsu dragneel, a dragon slayer, whom she met on one of his quests. In these two episodes she has summoned the ‘Aquarius’ ‘Horologium’ and ‘Taurus’ celestial spirits. She summons them using her special Gold Keys and claims about ten of them over the course of the anime. Much to my disappointment, she has not yet acquired the remaining two celestial keys; Pisces and Libra =(

There is talk of them being debuted as anti heroes (remember capricorn?) but no statement has been made on account of the mangaka regarding their appearance (if at all).

Bearing an interest in both Anime and Horoscopes, i have definitely hooked on to this series and cant wait till they FINALLY show Pisces!!! oh and i do hope its a girl!!

Code Geass Season 3!


SPOILER ALERT!! Its actually, most likely, a spin-off…

“Masayuki Ozaki, the General Manager of Overseas Development at the anime studio Sunrise, confirmed that the studio is “looking forward to releasing” the new Code Geass anime project next year, although its production is behind schedule. During Sunrise’s industry panel at Otakon on Sunday, Ozaki referred to the new project as the “next season of Code Geass” and noted that its director is Kazuki Akane (The Vision of Escaflowne, Noein – to your other self).
Ozaki described the project as taking place “in the same world as Lelouch [the protagonist of the earlier Code Geass anime] except with different characters (…) the stage is set in Europe, so we’ll see a lot of European countries.”
The Code Geass Gaiden: Bōkoku no Akito project was announced in April of last year. The side story is set in the European warfront, where a Knightmare unit made of boys and girls from Zone Eleven is sent into a military operation with a 5% chance of survival. They must rescue an allied unit left behind on the European warfront. Apart from Akane, the credits include Shigeru Morita (Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, Blood+), with Takahiro Kimura once again adapting CLAMP’s original character designs for animation (as he did for the previous Code Geass anime). Akira Yasuda returns to design the mechanical Knightmare units.”

Credits go to

Vampire Knight…season 3?

There’s been alot of rumors about VK season 3 coming out sometime around October this year. Although no confirmations have been made on the behalf of Mangaka Hino Matsuri as yet, there are sources that state she intends to make another season to the the anime after finishing the manga first.

Nevertheless, being a die hard VK fan myself, i was able to find an online petition demanding a season 3 to Vampire Knight. If you want to join. Click here. (P.S. your street address is not required, its optional.)

Personally im pretty psyched about the rumors…Its been a while since i finished viewing vampire knight guilty,admittedly,I was so sad that it end like that,I was hoping a better ending rather than Zero telling Yuki that if they will meet again,he would kill her because she’s a vampire.

I strongly believe that there is a season 3 on vampire knight because even the manga which started all of this popularity hasn’t been finished yet.Who knows?maybe there is really a season 3 on vampire knight or maybe Studio Deen is still making it but let us cross our fingers and hope it would be true.After all,aren’t there any more anime shows who gets this kind of story from character developments, the art of Hino which is extremely gorgeous and dashing.To top with that a story of twist and turns in every character that is involved in this show.

The boy who stole Kira’s hairstyle

Recently while searching on the web for Light Yagami, i came across a picture of Justin Bieber. First off, i just went “lmao search engine messed up big time” . Then i started to think about the similarities between the two guys. Well, they’re both Pisces, they both have quite a following, and umm… they’re both guys?? While thinking that i zoomed in to JB’s picture and BAMM.. i just had a revelation.

JB’s twisting bowl cut (thats what i call it) is increasingly popular among fans, especially teens. Makes me think though… JB is pretty lucky Light Yagami is an anime character, or he would have to face a rival.