My favorite drugstore brand products


Today i want to tell you about some of my favorite drugstore brand products. Pharmacy brands are a good way to get beauty products at relatively cheaper prices. One of my most favorite drugstore brands is Walgreen’s,or Studio 35. My most favorite products from this line would be the Benzoyl Peroxide Gel, The studio 35 Makeup Removing Wipes, and the Well at Walgreen’s Oil Free Daily Face Wash.

I stumbled on to these products by accident. It happened a while back when i went to Walgreen’s to buy my usual acne spot treatment, namely the Clean N Clear advantage, a 10 dollar product at the time,which i had been using for a month without any considerable improvement in my skin condition. Well it just so happened that i forgot my cash at home and i only had about 5 bucks in my pockets. So i looked around a found a stash of these tubes hidden away at the end of the shelf and decided to give it a shot.

The gel did not absorb in to my skin immediately. It sat on my skin for a while but as soon as i put it on, my face started to feel tingly and i could tell that the product was starting to work. I put on this gel two times a day for about 3 days and most of my acne started vanishing. But as a side affect, my skin started to dry up, so i reduced the usage to once a day. In a few weeks’ time i was so confident with this brand that i decided to take a chance with other Walgreen’s products and i bought the Walgreen’s Facial Scrub, the Daily Face Wash and the Cleansing Wipes. And so i achieved the best skin iv’e ever had since turning 13!

Do know that even though my experience went very well these products, they work different for every one. Your experience with them might be different from mine so please be cautious when testing new brands. As for me, these products have become my go-to’s =)

December Birchbox

Hey fella’s! Remember last month when i said i am going to cancel my birchbox subscription? Yeah, i ended up procrastinating till the day before which they were supposed to charge me for December. Although i did manage to cancel it, i learned later on that i am supposed to cancel at least 48 before they charge me for next month and so i was stuck with another box which i finally received last week.


As you can see, this month’s box was rather festive looking because of December’s theme ‘all wrapped up’ which is likely an ode to the current holiday season. Inside the box, i found Juice beauty stem cell repair CC cream, ModelCo ultra shine lip gloss, Nick Chavez Beverly Hills advanced volume shampoo, Nicole by Nicole Richie fragrance, La fresh Eco beauty hand sanitizing wipes and a savings card for rent the runway. A mini gift box tag was also in my box but i dont think it really counts -_-


Anyhow, i’d like to say that my favorite products in this box would be the shampoo and the lipgloss. The shampoo has a nice scent and makes your hair soft yet thick and the sheer lip gloss, though a tad bit sticky, has a cute scent and is perfect on those days you want to go high on shine.


The CC cream is lightweight and might be good for my skin but i doubt it will do any good with the quantity that i was sent. Also it lacks coverage and i would not recommend it to be used in place of BB cream and concealer. The fragrance is  cool but i am not really a fan of fragrance samples that i have to pay for, i mean you can get those roller ball perfumes for free at nordstrom every now and then, but it was had exceptional scent. I was fairly disappointed to find the hand sanitizing wipes but they might come in handy sometime. Thus they have been placed in my emergency travel kit.


This months box was my sixth and last birch box,  so for a farewell kind of thing, they did pretty good this time. Although i did come to hate some birch boxes, the occasional full size samples kept me happy enough to continue my subscription for half an year.

Anyway, good bye birchbox and thank you for everything!


P.S This time, i took the pictures from my sister in law’s Samsung Galaxy S II. Isn’t the picture quality a little more sharper and clearer? 

Fail-safe Fall Fashion

If you’re not the most adventurous person when it comes to fashion, sometimes its hard to decide what to wear without looking boring. Here’s my list of timeless pieces that will give you a classic look.

1, The Trenchcoat…

The trench coat has been in for quite some time and it doesnt look like its going anywhere. Add a knit scarf for optimum effect. Invest in these babies, they go a long way.

2, Classic Boot…

From ankle boots to Mid thighs, boots will help you out alot!My personal faves are no longer than mid calf length. Just make sure they’re snug and durable. Perfect shoes for fall and winter.

You can find similar boots here.

3, Bright Pants…

Bright or slightly patterned pants will bring a pop of youth into the most neutral of looks.Unless you pick a bad fit, you wont be going wrong with this one.

4, The Blazer…

You dont have to go crazy with prints or colors with this one. Just pick a basic or slightly detailed, tailored blazer. Can be paired with almost anything.

5, Leather Jacket…

A leather jacket is another timeless piece that will give an edge to your look. Pair with your girliest dress and tights for the perfect fall look

6, Knit Beret…

One of my most favorite things that come from France, next to french fries and french toast.

7, Stripes…

Be they on dresses, cardigans or tops, all your stripes are belong to us… Opt for the basic black and white stripes if you want to be neutral.

8, Accessories on basics…


Give your look an instant upgrade by adding an accessory.

9, Basic LBD…

Accessorize appropriately and add killer shoes.

10, Red Manicure…

Use darker hues for winter, brighter hues for fall. Im wearing maroon right now.

November Birchbox

This month’s birchbox theme was ‘Give’, as in thanksgiving. Overall, the products in this box were pretty exceptional. This was what was in my box. A gifting puch, Atelier Cologne, Lulu Organics hair powder, Miracle skin transformer Vanish instant imperfection corrector, Modelco Fiber Lashxtend lengthening mascara and a packet of  Potato chip Chocolate from Chuao Chocolatier.

This time, my favorite product in the box would be a tie between the Miracle Skin Transformer Imperfection Corrector and the ModelCo Lashxtend Mascara.

First up, the Lashxtend Mascara. It actually has bits of fiber in it that stick to your eye lashes to give you long, thick, smexy eyelashes. Makes an amazing difference for someone like me who has always been skeptical about wearing falsies. This mascara is definitely long lasting, easy to take off and also, it comes with a cute little mirror on its tube so you can apply it even when you are on the go. Retails for $24.

The Miracle Skin Transformer Corrector is the best you’ll ever get. I can say with some warranty that once you use this product you wont like any other, so use with your own caution. Use this primer before make up to enhance your look x2!

I normally hate to find food samples in my box, but chocolate is the only exception. So i wasnt extremely annoyed to find a sample of potato chip chocolate, which sounds kind of gross but actually tasted pretty good. The fact that amazed me was that something that tasted so good held only 60 calories!

The perfume sample from Atlelier cologne smells like roses from heaven and i love it, but the paper gift pouch is kinda silly. And I have not used the hair powder yet because i have kept it aside in my emergency beauty bag for when i need it. I just hope it doesn’t disappoint me.

DIY; Cucumber Mask

Tired of clogged pores, blemishes and irritated skin? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. Introducing the homemade cucumber mask! Not only would it cleanse your skin from impurities and calm irritation, it would also help you properly maintain oily skin by soaking up all the excess oils from your face. For best results, use this mask after light cleansing twice a week. Here’s the recipe..

What you’ll need… Half a cup of chopped Cucumber (with skin), One cup of oatmeal, One and a half tablespoon lemon juice, One tablespoon Yogurt and some crushed mint.

What to do… Pour all the ingredients into a blender and grind them into a thick paste. Now avoiding your eyes, apply the mixture all over your face, massaging your nose and blackhead sensitive areas in an upwardly circular motion for about three minutes. Let it sit for about 15-20 minutes, then wash off with luke warm water. The cucmber will help reduce inflammation from blemishes while the oats help exfoliate skin, removing dead skin cells and surface bacteria that result in breakouts.

Have fun!!


DIY; Anti acne coffee scrub plus mask

What you’ll need…

A few used coffee grounds, 3-4 tablespoons of whole cream and 1 tablespoon of dead sea salt.

What to do…

Put the used coffee grounds in a plastic bowl along with cream and salt. Using a small spatula, mix these ingredients well into a thick paste.

Now, wash your face with luke warm water and a gentle cleanser of your choice and pat dry.
Pour a little bit if astringent/toner into the palm of your hand and apply to your face. Pay special attention to the T-zone and anywhere you suffer with acne. Wait a few seconds for it to dry.

Apply the coffee mask on your face and neck. Massage your skin in an upwards circular motion to get the blood flow going.Don’t massage in downwards circulation as it will cause the skin to sag. Pay attention to your neck, the t zone and the corners of your nose. Keep up this process for atleast two to three minutes, then rinse away.
To close the pores if your skin, run an ice cube all over your face ,including the eyelids, for a minute. Pat dry with a clean towel and apply a non retinol based light moisturizer.

Coffee isn’t just good for clearing up acne, but since it contains caffeine, it also unclogs your pores and heals any redness or puffiness you might have on your skin. The salt, along with cream, removes dead cells and brightens complexion. Use this exfoliator plus mask once a week for glowing, healthy skin.

DIY; Rachel Gilbert's Upgraded Topsy Tail

Create this upgraded version of the classic Topsy tail. If you have hair past shoulder length and know how to topsy tail a pony, you can get this hair yourself. Here’s what to do…

Blow dry hair using a paddle brush. Part hair into a lower and upper section. Middle part the upper front of the hair and add mousse lightly to the crown and sides , then back comb the crown gently in order to create volume.

Take the lower section from ear to ear in a ponytail and topsy tail it inwards. Brush the upper section into another ponytail on top of the first one at the lower section. Then topsy tail the second ponytail into the first one. Tie together into one using an elastic. Put on light hairspray for longer hold.

Optionally, you can add a small hair piece over the elastic.