Anime Update 6 part I

Post may contain spoilers so please read at your own expense.

Hello gang. This time im not even gonna bother making lame excuses about why i havent been posting like i always do after taking a pause. Just know that life has been blog-blocking me as usual… and im lazy as hell, so that could also be a factor. Just.. thank you for bearing with me. I see you havent abandoned me yet. I’ll try to do better. Anyway moving on, my latest anime update was in April,so this may be a pretty lengthy post so im gonna break it off in two parts even though ive mostly been rewatching my favorites like Ghost In The Shell, Code Geass, Psycho Pass, etc to take in all their concepts better. Part 2 will be up soon in a few days as well.


Speaking of Psycho Pass, i recently caught up on the extended version of the first season and believe me, it really elevated the overall impact of the show. I must recommend it to you. There are a total of 11 episodes each lasting around the duration of an hour or so. Do have a look at it. Especially if youre about to start watching the second season, which just began airing and has 4 episodes out as of this date, of which i just finished watching the 3rd one right now. Initially my impression of it was mixed because i hated Shimotsuki, the new inspector who came to take place for Ginoza after he got demoted to Enforcer. If you recall, she was the skeptical school girl in the highschool where Oryou Rikako carried out her murders in season 1. She joined the MWPSB by the end of the last episode in season 1 and in season 2 it seems she has been working as an inspector for about 2 years now.  I had high hopes for her but for now we can call her Ginoza’s replacement in the true sense with all her by the book-ness and her bias against Enforcers as well. (Edit; Eff you Shimotsuki!)

Ginoza as an Enforcer himself has been one of the favorite things of mine in this season so far. He has really matured up and you could say he has done well to fill his father’s shoes. Even wears the same kind of coat as him and called Shimotsuki ‘Missy’ not to mention the mechanical arm and all. Though it was hilarious watching him cringe a bit at Shimotsuki’s maltreatment against Enforcers. Too familiar Gino? LOL. Personally im happy with his transition though i miss the glasses horribly.



I do not miss this scene though. Breaks my heart even thinking about it. Which is why i posted it on my blog.. Where i’ll be reminded of it every time i visit… makes total sense. Anyway, the new villain is a nerdy average looking fellow with a twisted savior complex. Remember Makishima? Yeah, this Kamui Kirito guy is kind of an opposite of him. Very smart but sentimental unlike the previous antagonist. Even so he manages to creep the hell out of you for the very same reason. Also, thanks to the animators for not giving the antagonist a hair style that’s a dead give away to his villain-hood. Kumui has messy, brown hair usually reserved for Suzaku-ish characters in most anime, unlike Makishima’s flowing white locks. What they both seem to have in common is the desire for destruction of Sybil, albeit for different reasons. Makishima wishes to be a spectator to what people may do when freed, but Kamui just passionately wants people to be freed. His latest endeavor was somewhat similar to Makishima’s when he makes a helmet wearing man beat a woman to death in public with a base ball bat in season 1. However this time the woman was an inspector at the MWPSB. Im referring to Risa Aoyanagi of division 2.


In other news, Shinya Kogami remains missing without a trace and in his place we have the dark haired Sakuya Tougane who has the same physical agility as Ko and even smokes the same brand of cigarettes as him. In episode 3, it is revealed that his psycho pass was the highest ever recorded and the mechanical Chief is seen telling Akane to keep an eye on him. In the opening credits however, there is a spoiler pertaining to him which really confused the ish out of me. What is Sybil doing? Trying to play with Tsunemori’s emotions by sending in a replacement for Kogami and trying to test the limits at which it affects her hue? Or keeping a closer eye on all her affairs by making Sakuya get close with her? I dont know. We’ll see. They did say they were intrigued by her abilities and wanted to observe her to evolve their system.


I found the most relatable character in this series to be the Enforcer replacing good old Kagari. Hinakawa Shou is a socially awkward, early twenty something INXP who reminds me of myself in all his nerdy glory. The dude doesnt speak unless spoken to, seems to be off in his own mind and gets treated like fodder. The last time he actually had a meaningful dialogue was in episode 2 when he fanboyed over the intricacy of a hologram used by Kamui as a hostage. Heck he doesnt even have his own page on the Psycho Pass Wikia…. In other words, he’s a striking contrast to the late Kagari’s flamboyance and an unsettling reminder for me to make some non virtual friends. *sigh* Speaking of relatable characters though, no one and i repeat. No one.. beats Tomoko Kuroki from Watamote.

*alarmingly relatable*

*alarmingly relatable*

“Kuroki Tomoko is a super popular high school girl who has had 50 years of dating experience and 100 boys… in the Otome game world. In the real world, she is a 15-year-old shut-in who has all of the qualities of a “mojo” (a gloomy or unpopular woman).
However, when school isn’t going as she expected, and she isn’t as popular as she had thought she would be, she takes a look at herself in the mirror for the first time in a few years, and has some shocking revelations…” -MAL 



Im not sure if im supposed to be happy or sad that this anime portrayed the last 23 years of my life with such an alarming accuracy.. provided that some of the weird ish this character did didnt really get to manifest itself outside of my head. So yeah, i guess Tomoko chan is only but a mere step above me on the weirdness scale. Still, close enough. From dreading to speak to the terrifying ‘normals’ to rejoicing in a day spent doing nothing but watching anime and eating to losing fellow weirdo friends because of their growing sense of conformity.. Tomoko chan is a reflection upon a past not unlike my own. The series doesnt really follow a linear story line. Its just about the daily adventures our protagonist undertakes in trying to ditch her hermit-like lifestyle in favor of a more glamorous image and of course, her miserable failure in trying to do so.



K den..
Moving on, another one of the gems i came across this binge season was Princess Jellyfish or Kuragehime. A common element shared both by Watamote and Kuragehime was that both protagonists were female Otakus and NEETs. Makes you wonder just how many of us are there to be getting featured so much. Anyway, here goes.


“Amamizukan is an apartment complex where no boys are allowed. Kurashita Tsukimi, a girl who adores jellyfish, lives there happily with her friends who all have nerdy obsessions of their own. Their peaceful lives gradually start to change when a beautiful woman helps Tsukimi out of a pinch.” -MAL

The story is about Tsukimi, a jellyfish enthusiast who lives with five other otaku chicks. Namely, Banba, Mayaya, Chieko, Jiji and the mysterious nocturnal shut in who makes her living as  hit yaoi mangaka. Banba has an obsession with trains, Mayaya with records of the historical three kingdoms, Jiji with her crush on old men and Chieko with kimonos and traditional Japanese dolls. Together, they are the AMARS. The series begins with Tsukimi running into a beautiful Gyarusa who helps her convince a pet shop worker to keep a Jellyfish from dying. They end up buying the Jellyfish and the Gyarusa crashes at Tsukimi’s place as it is late in the night. Tomorrow morning however..


As it turns out, her beautiful savior is a dude. And not just any dude, but the eccentric, fashion conscious, illegitimate son of a millionaire politician. Kuronosuke spends his days running away from his father’s disappointments in him and his step mother’s scrutinizing gaze by burying himself with fashion magazines, friends and gossip about celebrities and music. He doesnt strike a chord with the AMARs initially but wins them over eventually by treating them to an expensive meat dish which he made his half brother smuggle for him. Also, through out the course of the series, they remain oblivious to his real gender so that may have helped things along.


Together with the AMARs, Kuronosuke takes it upon himself to save Amikizukan from being sold in order to pave way for commercial development within the area, led by the devious she villain Shoko. The AMARs go through tough training sessions by holding yard sales, crafting and of course, getting makeovers from Kuro in order to gain confidence and people’s respect for themselves.


Ba dum tiss!

Moving on. This series does a marvelous job in depicting how appearances affect one’s social impact. Kind of a sad reality but the fact remains that despite how good a book is from the inside, people will continue to judge it by its cover. An example of said fact is pertaining to an element of Tsukimi’s relationship with Shu, Kuronosuke’s thirty year old hunk of a brother.  Shu is a complete opposite of his brother as he is serious, diligent and takes an active interest in partaking in his father’s business and political pursuits. They meet by accident when Tsukimi run’s into him after getting a make over from Kuro and he falls in love with her at first sight. However, he is unable to recognize her in her normal clothes which causes a lot of misunderstandings between them.


Shu and Tsuki’s first encounter

Enter Shoko Inari, the bitch faced real estate developer assigned with the task of luring AMAR’s landlady into selling Amamizukan who also complicates Shu and Tsuki’s love dynamics by slipping date rape drugs into Shu’s drink at a business meeting and pretending to have spent the night with him in order to blackmail his father. Of course, the fact that Kuronouke also begins to have the wretched feels for Tsuki doesnt help much. But with all the damage Shoko does to Tsuki and Shu’s relationship, in a way Tsuki owes her development to Shoko for if Shoko hadn’t f0rced Tsuki to face her demons instead of running away, she would never have realized her true potential as a fashion designer which Kuronosuke helped nurture and which ultimately led to the fulfilment of Tsuki’s dream about making Jellyfish Princesses coming to life, and managing to save Amimizukan from being sold in doing so.


yes thats Kuro wearing the dress

For now, the fate of Shu, Kuro and Tsuki’s love triangle remains undecided, for the first season of the anime ended here, but the manga has had some astonishing developments. On a related note, Im Team Shu if it wasnt obvious enough already. Moreover, there’s a live action version of the show coming up. It is set to be released sometime during December this year. Here’s the trailer if you wanna check it out. I think they nailed all the AMARs but couldve done a better job with the casting of Kuronosuke and Shu.

Another series that i finished watching was Tokyo Ghoul. The first season has been a hit and the second has been set to release in January next year. Which is really just three months away. Here’s how MAL describes this show on their website.
“The suspense horror/dark fantasy story is set in Tokyo, which is haunted by mysterious “ghouls” who are devouring humans. People are gripped by the fear of these ghouls whose identities are masked in mystery. An ordinary college student named Kaneki encounters Rize, a girl who is an avid reader like him, at the café he frequents. Little does he realize that his fate will change overnight.” -MAL


As the name suggests, this show is about ghouls.. in Tokyo. Ghouls who look like and feed on human beings. This show’s episode one marks as one of the most intense Ive seen in an anime. Most shows take their time in developing the pace but no, not this series. Things start getting crazy right off the bat. The first scene shows the figure of a purple haired woman swallowing human guts from what seems to be a pile of mutilated dead bodies and then having a brief duel with some creep in a white suit wearing a Jason X mask. Purple haired vixen, or Rize as we came to call her later, makes a swift escape after depriving Jason of his torture device which he completely loses his shit over. Fast forward, we meet Kaneki Ken, a university freshman and an avid reader, not to mention somewhat of a wuss, hanging out with his best bud Hide, who reminds me of Naruto for some reason, in this trendy cafe called Anteiku. Apparently they are discussing, or rather Hide is making fun of Kaneki’s date plans for asking out a girl he likes. Hide assumes it has to be the cute Kuudere-ish waitress Touka and embarrasses Kaneki by addressing her out of the blue.


Meanwhile, the door opens and enters Kaneki’s dream girl aka purple haired vixen aka binge eater ghoul. Surprise surprise. By some twist of fate Kaneki and Rise end up going on a date and Kaneki ends up walking Rize to her house.. which was really an abnadoned train station where she showed him her true form and chased after him, stabbing and slicing and slashing any part of Kaneki’s body she could get her hands on as he made desperate attempts to escape. The scene ends with a huge beam mysteriously falling on top of Rise, killing her and Ken losing his consciousness because of his wounds. Its implied that while passed out, the dude gets operated on and some crazy arse doctor decides to transfer Rize’s organs into his body to save his life. The episode ends with Kaneki waking up looking like this.


morning beautiful..

Aaand thats how good old boy next door Kaneki Ken became a human ghoul hybrid thingy. The second episode depicts him finally coming upon the dark realization that he isnt a human anymore, starving himself because human food tastes like crap to him now and avoiding people lest he not be able to help himself to a bite, running into a fellow ghoul feeding off of a corpse, getting beat up by Nishiki whose a senior at his and Hide’s university, who also happens to be a ghoul and then watch him get his ass handed back to him by Touka the Anteiku waitress who, wait for it,  is also a ghoul. In his adventures as a ghoul, Kaneki makes a ton of new friends such as Shu the Kaneki blood obsessed weirdo pedophile,  Uta the punk rock mask maker who gets away with sporting red eyes all the time because they dont stand out with all the tattoos and piercings he has, Nishiki aka the dude who beat him up and the one he almost killed later and Touka your resident Kuudere, all along while battling his split personality bestie Rize who often shows up in his delusions as a  guide of sorts around the Ghoul world.


I have a lot of good things to say about this show. From the stunning art to the awesome OSTs to the plot development and the pace at which this show kept going without a moment leaving us bored. This show especially appealed to me with its exploits of one that was losing his sanity walking the thin line between good and evil, Kaneki finally accepting himself not only as a human but as a ghoul while he mourned over the innocence lost forever. My main issue with Tokyo Ghoul was that it censored all the good parts. We already know this anime isnt exactly for kids so why bother blurring up everything that made Tokyo Ghoul good? Now gore isnt really something im particularly fond of but im against censoring it out because it significantly decreases the impact that the creators are trying to make with it. However, if youre just as pissed off about the censorship as me, her’es some news. They are currently working on releasing an uncensored version of the show soon. So we can hang tight and wait for it just as we wait for the second season. Here’s a trailer so you can see for yourself how badass little old Kaneki has become.

Next comes Mekaku City Actors or Mekakushi Actors, whichever is the right way to spell it. Let me just tell you right now, SHAFT was having way too much fun with the animation. And even though i appreciate having to decipher the underlying meanings of the symbolism in this show and the whimsical..ness? of it all, it definitely made the story more confusing than it had to be. Also if you didnt watch the after credit scenes the story would make zero sense. I was making the same mistake but thank fully i caught myself.. at episode 7, at which point i had to go back and watch it all over again to be able to tie in everything together, which i failed at. This anime really is just one big WTF staring you in the face.


‘The incidents which occurred on August 14th and 15th bring a group of young boys and girls together… They are members of a group they call themselves the “Mekakushi Dan” (Blindfold Organization) and each member possesses a strange power involving their eyes. Will the members of this peculiar organization be able to solve the mysteries behind these incidents and see the truth?”-MAL

Turns out Mekakushi dan is actually an anime adaptation of the Kagerou Project which is a Vocaloid song series by Jin. It also has five light novels and a standing manga adaptation. My opinion of the anime adaptation is limited to a ‘what pretty colors!’ and a ‘hey that was a nice song randomly thrown in the middle of an episode.’ because as for the story, i am unable to make sense of it. To be honest im still not quite sure exactly what i saw or how much of it i was supposed to take into consideration and how much i was meant to disregard as just SHAFT losing its mind again. So yeah, watch the music videos, catch up on the novels, read the manga or something if you wanna know what the hell really happened.


Lets rewind to where we last left Hamatora, shall we? So, Sharky has a duel with Nice and its hard to say whose gonna win when suddenly Moral’s body gives out and he becomes too sick to keep fighting. Enters the presumable dead Art out of the blue and shoots Sharky square in the chest while a shell shocked Nice looks on in amazement. By the time Nice confronts Art about shooting Sharky, the latter is seen to have pulled a gun on Nice and a gun shot is heard as the first season comes to an end.



“It has been three months since the incident at Yokohama. Things have been settling down at Cafe Nowhere. Murasaki and Hajime have teamed up and started investigating again. After an unforeseen reunion, Art holds Nice at gunpoint. What are his real intentions? What will become of the connection between Art and Hamatora?” -MAL

So, fast forward 3 months and the crew is seen fighting over who gets to keep Nice’s hentai collection. It is implied that he’s dead but as it turns out he actually managed to escape after getting shot in the shoulder by Art kun and pretended to be dead to lure him out.  The whole show is really about a super angsty Art with regeneration abilities activated by Sharky shooting him multiple times (told you so!) running around stealing different people’s minimum powers and leaving them delirious. And also looking damn good doing that.

*wipes off drool* Nevertheless, we find out that the real culprit was actually the crazy florist chick that was Sharky’s subordinate in the first season. Apparently she’s a billionaire psychopath who keeps herself entertained by the antics of people like Sharky and Art. The back story to Art going bat shit insane is because of the tragedy that took place at Facultas Academy where Nice, Art and Art’s brother were all kept. Also where Nice meets Hajime the first time and literally dies after getting shot through the heart while trying to escape with her, which brings out her Nihilist Minimum, a minimum which is triggered by grief and one whose ability is cancelling all the minimums in its area of range.

After Facultas discovered Art’s brother Skill’s ability to grant minimums to others they take him in for their so called ‘research’ an force him to create artificial minimum holders which all end up as mutated monsters. Art discovers this and after Skill pleads to his older brother to kill him, Art stabs him in the chest. This is followed by a large explosion coming from Skill’s body which cancels out the explosion by the Nihilist minimum coming out from Hajime’s body at the same time. Art was thrown by the force of the explosion and for some reason was able to survive even after his skull fell open and Sharky discover’s Skill’s half dead state of being to transfer his heart into Nice’s kun’s body which kept him alive as well.


Im not gonna spoil the ending for you guys but i found it to be quite beautiful. All the concepts were neatly tied in together in the last episode and Art turns out to truly be a misunderstood hero we had all wished he was. The message was simple. Minimum abilities are just a metaphor for wishes. The world and life itself as we know it, is fueled by wishes. Without a will, life is meaningless and bland. Will gives us hope. To take away one’s will is to take away one’s hope. The only mystery that remained by the time the season ended was how the hell Art survived the fall.

Loving the new hairstyle Art kun

Loving the new hairstyle Art kun

This is all for now folks. There are at least five more anime i wanted to talk about but it didnt seem right fitting everything into one post. I’ll just include them in part 2 of this update so sit tight till then. The second part should be up in a couple of days. Toodley woo!

Events; MiniCon 2014


MiniCon was held in Lahore on the 7th of September as an independent venture by the members of a Pakistani anime lover’s social media based guild called Otakus Creed. Originally the event was supposed to be held at the 6th of September but the date had to be moved forward because of unfavorable weather conditions. As implied by the name, MiniCon was a relatively small event but so far it seems by the pictures and the feedback of the attendees that it was a smashing hit with the fans. Here are some highlights from the event which featured Cosplay competitions, Gaming, Duel Masters tournaments and Bey Blading competitions. The event also served the purpose of Pakistan’s first anime and manga related magazine, Animaxia to make its debut and free copies were given to competition winners. For more information and to access more pictures from the event, like MiniCon’s facebook page here.

10689435_696263683781531_8310420296558020029_n 10629369_10152486052777795_3593560773127307559_o 10626631_696260707115162_7252796935514697621_n 10622777_696272577113975_441770557393285808_n 10603506_696250853782814_7672498817727390448_n 10502384_696264003781499_9172302684887054228_n 10494564_696269633780936_6097825956784982497_n 10404284_696263623781537_2754308860275277833_n 10390566_696255893782310_504052486673040857_n 10014698_696263880448178_7708823509965866365_n 1966962_696252393782660_7799630976549846753_n 995084_696265597114673_1258744997528982264_n
16756_696272970447269_6212801538546115452_n 10426215_696268630447703_7504612932403111413_n 10606051_696280133779886_6163327987254629364_n 10616131_696275040447062_8385086764694244922_n 10641101_696260250448541_9100074585823271283_n 10647207_696291197112113_2401505547665349894_n 10659227_696260827115150_5133899445019614413_n 10666017_696254877115745_6647455704059065241_n 10516848_696255303782369_2641923095230097841_n



Waking up at four in the morning like you felt something grab your soul and drag it off the bed on to the cold hard floor. But you find yourself upright on the same murky old mattress that’s been there to absorb your tears and offer you comfort in its chest for as long as you can remember. The beads of sweat roll over your head when you try to calm your heart, threatening to free itself from the confines of your ribs. Small rays of the day’s first light shine over you as you glance at the emerging red sun, blushing as though its ashamed to see the affairs of the earth. You look around the room, searching for the cause of your discomfort. Finding no one relieves you but not as much as it unsettles you. There’s a distinct, coppery taste in your mouth and you find that you’ve been biting down on a scream you didn’t know you were about to set free. Blood trails down your chin and drops find themselves staining the once pure white, faded linens you adored at a time. Several moments pass. You keep trying to locate the cause of the menacing sensation that makes it hard for you to swallow your own spit. You find yourself sinking deeper and deeper with every tick tock of the grandfather clock standing tall at the side of the room.. a keepsake of people long gone beyond the realm in which you remain restricted. Pain travels in waves all over your body and an unknown gap opens itself in your heart, the cause of which remains unknown.

Unknown.. is it, really? Or do you just try to hide it from yourself? Are you scared of clarity? Is your thick wall of denial about to break? How will you protect the house of cards that is your perception of the world, the perception of truth and everything you’ve ever known? Your last line of defense is breaking, isn’t it? With it, do you fear to break as well? Perhaps. Who is to say. Perhaps not so much of an ending as much of a transformation it is. Perhaps not so much of dread as much of waking up it is. Perhaps not so much of a storm as much of a silver lining it is. Perhaps not so much of a poison as much of an antidote it is. An antidote of truth. Truth that shall take away the comforts your mind rests itself in and set the wolves on you. Truth that shall break you down piece by piece and reshape you, mold you, evolve you from your sheltered, pathetic state of dream. May it be the medicine that tastes bitter as opposed to a venom that rivals honey in its sweetness. May it be the pain that turns your stones to gems. May it be the liberty you desired so much knowing little of what it was or what it brings.

Goodbye, comforts of my old mattress. Thank you for hiding me within yourself when I dreamt of monsters that were nothing when compared to monsters that exist around me. Goodbye dear grand father clock. I shall miss you for the nostalgic peace of mind you provided me with when I foolishly wished to travel back in time, yearning for the touch of hands that held me as I learned to walk. Thank you, dear stained glass window for.. for breaking apart and allowing me to see what mayhem exists outside my being. Thank you, dear unseen monster, for waking me up. This is not a nightmare. This is enlightenment. This is reality. This is freedom. And I shall embrace it with all the scars on its face.

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Now for my review. My experience with this product has been exceptional. I used it twice as a day as directed, everyday for about a month and now that the bottle is almost empty, i can say that the results have been satisfactory, however not as great as the manufacturer had claimed. The first time i used this product i fell in love with its smell. Its like smelling freshly shaved orange peel… very raw and organic. You can tell this product is all natural. The consistency is that of a lotion and it absorbs pretty quickly into the skin leaving it a tad bit shiny and tightened. I had to apply more moisturizer than i usually do in order to make my skin ready for make up. Make sure to keep lots of powder ready because even though this serum absorbs quickly, it leaves a sheen on top of your skin and if you sweat it can ruin your base. Keep blotting papers handy in case you run into a situation like that. Moving on, i started seeing a decrease in breakouts surprisingly early. Id say from about the third day of using it. The existing acne started drying up fast and eventually shed off during exfoliation. My pores seemed smaller and for a while after i started using the serum, i couldnt have been happier with it. But.. soon my skin started to get really dry especially around my T-zone and became rough. I had to reduce my use of and started only to apply it every other day which seemed to fix the problem. I saw no improvement in wrinkle reduction however, and though my skin is fairly clearer and better in texture, i definitely would be wary of using it every day or under makeup.
All in all a good product. I give it a 7 out of 10, mainly for solving my acne problems.

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Brand + Product Review; Markwins International Introduces Makeup by ONE DIRECTION

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The irreverent attitude and colorful style of a new generation takes on a glamorous form in Makeup by One Direction. The world’s biggest pop band debuts a limited-edition cosmetics collection by Markwins International, launching mid-August 2014 at Macy’s and select other major retailers worldwide. Much like the One Direction band members themselves, this prestige makeup line is fun, bold and a tad mischievous, featuring vivid shades, premium formulas and chic, collectible packaging and components. The line will be available worldwide starting in the U.S.


The Looks Collection comprises three keepsake tins inspired by One Direction’s globe-conquering albums, Up All Night, Take Me Home and the latest chart topper, Midnight Memories. Each tin comes complete with everything you need to show off your personality. Are you a rock n roll girl, a fun party girl or the girl next door? There is just the right collection for you and illustrations to help show you just how to get your perfect look. All your beauty essentials are housed in a LIMITED EDITION collectable keepsake tin with removable sleeve, complete with ONE DIRECTION doodle stencils to decorate your keepsake tin and make it uniquely your own!

Its a range of makeup and cosmetic products celebrating youth, style, and the uninhibited lifestyle of a new generation. Celebrating life with bold shades, unique formulae and infused with limited edition collectable packaging, Makeup from One Direction is fun, bold, often irreverent, with a touch of cheeky mischievousness. Offered at prices that every girl and woman can afford.

US Release Dates
Macy’s  August 11th
Stage Stores August 25th
Dillards  August 25th
Beauty Brands  August 25th
Lord and Taylor  August 25th



For my review, i was given a chance to sample the Up All Night collection which included ‘Na na na’ an aqua blue metallic chrome nail varnish, ‘Little black dress’ volumizing mascara in perfectly black, ‘Taken liquilights glow gloss’ a powerhouse glitter pink lipgloss that glows to neon orange under UV light, ‘Stand up’ dark denim eye and body crayon, ‘I should have kissed you’ bubblegum pink creme lipstick and 4+1 eye shadow palette in playful blues and versatile neutrals: ‘More than this’ soft blushing pink, ‘Gotta be you’ silvered taupe shimmer, ‘Save you tonight’ shimmering turquoise blue, ‘Another world’ royal blue shimmer and ‘Up all night’ sapphire glitter creme along with a 5 piece decorator stencil set all pictured below.

Now for my review. When i first got this package in the mail i was disappointed to find that the item i looked forward to the most, i.e the bubblegum lipstick, was broken. However, i googled some tricks and was able to fix it in a way that it could be used. The lipstick is a very rich, pigmented, vibrant shade and though i wouldnt use it much in real life it could be good for a cosplay should i decide to dress up as Barbie. It has some trouble gliding on to the lips but has a long lasting color. The mascara works great. Enough to give the illusion of falsies should you use it after a lash curler, albeit its a bit clumpy which can be solved if you leave it in a cup of arm water for about 3 minutes.


The eye shades are ordinary at best and you might need to use an eye primer to make them pop with the exception of ‘Save you tonight’ the turquoise shimmer which is absolutely beautiful. The products that really manage to stand out here would be the dark denim eye crayon, the liquilights lip gloss and the nail varnish. I have been using the denim crayon every day since i got it for an instant wake up look under my lower lash line and its been great so far. The lipgloss is non sticky and pigmented nicely despite being shimmery and though i havent had a chance to see it turn neon orange under UV lights its been doing a great job under regular lighting. I gave away the stencils to the younglings to play with for its not really something i had much use for.
All in all i give this product a 7 out of 10.


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3rd Liebster Award Nomination!!!

Hello everyone!
This post is about my third nomination for the Liebster award by the lovely Rikzah, a fresh new Pakistani beauty blogger and fellow K-pop lover. *cheers* Check out her blog here.


The Rules..

1,  Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
2,  Choose 10 new bloggers to pass the award on to and link them in your post.
3,  Create 10 new questions for the chosen bloggers.
4,  Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5,  Each blogger should post 10 random facts about themselves.
6,  No tag-backs!

10 Random Facts About Me…

Gee, this one’s gonna be kinda hard since i’ve already mentioned as many non-embarrassing facts as i could the last two times so im probably gonna end up mentioning weird stuff or just expand a bit on the previous things i’ve mentioned. Oh well, here goes.

1, I gave up learning to play the piano and now im procrastinating on self learning the acoustic guitar.
2, I have not watched TV since December.
3, Since my last Liebster, i’ve developed a great interest in Jungian psychology.
4, After an year of constantly second guessing my understanding of the cognitive functions as well as dealing with my doubts regarding to my psychological personality type, i’ve finally diagnosed myself as an INFP.
5, My anime binge sessions have been significantly reduced to two series a week ever since i got my old habit of reading back.
6, I’ve come to realize that the most logical decision is usually achieved by reducing a problem to its core.
7, I have also realized that most of our problems are usually quite nonsensical and petty in the grand scheme of things.
8, That realization however, has not altered me from trying to make an impact with my life. Only now i recognize the desire to do so as a very selfish, personal desire.
9, I got myself a pet Betta fish, named her Jasmine and mourned her death all in a two months’ time frame.
10, I have sworn not to become emotionally attached to pets if their biological life limit doesnt exceed that of an year at minimum.

Questions For Me…

1. If you had three wishes from a non-tricky genie, what would you wish for?
I would wish for peace in the world, tolerance between people with different ideologies, and for humans to be more humane.

2. What’s the absolute best vacation you can imagine?
My idea of an absolute best vacation is a road trip around the world with a loved one.

3. What would your DJ name be?
DJ Snoozefest… yes, it would be a mistake to assign me as a dj.

4. What’s your earliest memory?
Red marble floor, blue ceiling fan and a white dress.

5 . Name your favorite makeup/skincare brand ?
I prefer drugstore brands to name brands. Covergirl and Revlon are pretty good though.

6 . If you won a large amount of money, where would you like to spend it ?
Invest some, donate some, save some.

7 . If you had to pick a new first name, what would it be?
I would not change my first name if i dont absolutely have to. 

8 . Who’s your fantasy celebrity boyfriend?
I do not have a fantasy boy friend. I have a husband better than any fantasy. I do have a Senpai though, Levi from Attack on Titan.

9 . Disney or Warner brothers?
I love Disney but Warner bros.’ Anastasia is a masterpiece. (Or was that by 21st century fox?)

10 . Name the best skincare product you have at the moment ?
Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser.


Questions For My Nominees…

1, Name of the last show you watched?
2, Where do you find inspiration?
3, Whats the one thing you excel at?
4, Whats your biggest fear?
5, If your hair could be one color for the rest of your life, what color would it be?
6, If you could meet someone from the past, who would it be?
7, What was the most enlightening moment in your life?
8, What do you love about yourself?
9, When was the last time you cried? Why?
10, What would you be if you could be anything?



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Toodley Woo!

Events; Anime Con 2014


After the huge success of  Twin Con, Dekho Japan and GHQ Game Con, the next feature worthy cosplay event in Pakistan’s bustling new wave of Otaku culture just so happened to be Anime Con. Anime Con was held in the country’s capital Islamabad on the 22nd of June at Dream Land Motel courtesy of WG Productions, Comsats Islamabad, and Radio FM 91.  The event included several different activities and competitions for the attendees to enjoy.


Now for the cosplayers…  No words are needed to see what an effort was made. My favorite cosplays include the Kill La Kill Ryuko cosplay by Arwa Nawal and the Naruto Rikoudo cosplay by Zaeem Ahmer according to whom this is the first Naruto Rikoudo cosplay in the world. Pretty awesome, aint it? Please know that the pictures provided are the work of independent photographers and thus, the quality is a bit fuzzy. Do bear with me. All photos shown ahead belong to their respective owners. I own nothing! To find more photos and know more about Anime Con, join their facebook page here.

10453389_801246846552128_3490039221195388496_n10461738_801348269875319_8661644524172175972_n10462934_800091060001040_5647555390198266875_n10462958_801348739875272_6636254394914701942_n10463974_800090763334403_3147619736976184029_n10464158_801349136541899_6468667353852829740_n10477046_800090643334415_4585935118184943359_n10478214_801349216541891_1683072699098454081_n10488251_801348489875297_2348084966296570623_n10499456_800089883334491_7027583552643914646_o10514584_801348553208624_8196189242652631583_n10522636_800089783334501_3776065856887355712_n10525745_801348133208666_5142268138909983394_n10525996_800090090001137_3831419863561286442_n10526003_801349263208553_7626309511603069085_n10526036_800090106667802_5565769104090382765_n 1606965_801349386541874_8934578735451485428_n 1623625_801348656541947_5917354973667463096_n 10308873_801348523208627_2010203978744023420_n 10350993_801348456541967_6714708104442821006_n 10354092_800090370001109_4745292688206307861_n 10360831_801349096541903_2968380467876494863_n 10381993_800090673334412_3029176754890791929_n 10400857_801349239875222_1750034811370802256_n 10406556_801349126541900_5408372607129290359_n 10440693_801348066542006_1596730909413624476_n 10445526_801349003208579_8653321219273662181_n 10445948_801349179875228_3063726357919630032_n 10447128_800090860001060_5607505583804768252_n 10451067_800090936667719_3883915173746335740_n1537959_10203401697277238_7798756106211994047_o10321125_10203401697997256_5449917255453101664_o10373080_4265728737976_2292241479387362193_o10401547_10202603138260007_71099161653286433_n10479919_10203401737158235_4039999256212880699_o10492444_800090640001082_6501930930007910213_n10432476_800090980001048_8909974134326689863_n10497133_4265749418493_3705742774843644114_o10498000_800090446667768_6544479075534902982_o10498640_4265796339666_3004835253743397991_o10501588_10152455921306413_3206667253739181963_n10507035_10203401673116634_4896535299019004746_o10155628_10203401672956630_8037230556930058167_n10300215_795809597095853_5913542807656147025_n10390907_795808010429345_7533973584920400167_n10393964_795806637096149_1376934625450943304_n10426609_795808257095987_3266084194330829108_n10426650_769428033099780_2525452515937534519_n10441961_245350298988482_2826293907368197705_n10447638_998603653490415_5928699048911158056_n10464028_795807063762773_9141630815503029358_n10482291_998603896823724_842907955684357946_n10483987_817020321650874_4699745776378934710_n10491254_10152458114251413_2873253958890908195_n10494534_10152467722931413_781128713363017889_n10494817_994607783890002_9184814073220307082_n10505326_998604403490340_6821263880959456046_n10511157_4265798899730_7682940841550294328_n10513332_817020748317498_8652903897143170185_n


Spidey Senses


It begins innocently enough. You’re chilling at home goofing around on the internet when suddenly from the corner of your eye you spot a harmless little spider climbing up the wall. Being the sadistic, lazy little nincompoop you are, instead of ignoring the damn thing or getting up you decide to throw one of your slippers at the wall which barely hits the target as you are a total failure when it comes to marksmanship. Thus, it merely manages to swat the spider off the wall. The poor thing lands on the carpet and you pay no heed to it as you’re currently preoccupied with fantasies of one day producing a super hit sports anime series centered around throwing darts featuring a miserable, anti social, female protagonist with excellent marksmanship whose life is suspiciously somewhat similar to your own.

Fast forward a few days and you find yourself struggling to open a jar of Nutella in the kitchen when BAM! You find a spider hanging mere inches away from your face, dripping with vengeance and ready to attack you when you squeal like one of those girly girls and fall flat on your posterior in shock. The spider, as if amused by your incredible display of wuss, retreats back towards the ceiling leaving you to ponder exactly what you did to deserve this. That’s when it hits you. Why? It was the same spider as that day… The one you tried to kill.

And it is from that moment on, that your life changes significantly. You are now scared of leaning on to walls. You become unable to walk into a room without turning on the light. Your bed, which you used to clean only upon waking up now goes through a thorough inspection every time you want to lie down for a minute. You stop trusting the walls around the head board of your bed as if they would betray you any time. Sitting on the carpet becomes an exercise in caution. So much as a stray thread to a strand of hair on your own head makes you jump in fear upon contact and you slowly start doubting what’s real. You become paranoid.. unable to function as you once could. You dread the day you first laid your eyes, and your slipper, on that wretched spider. Your purpose in life is reduced to finding that spider and killing it before it inevitably causes your own demise…

Then one day, you wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. Half asleep, you do your business and when you turn to wash your hands, you witness the bane of your existence, your mortal enemy, the harbinger of doom, namely the spider lying dead in the sink. At first your mind goes numb, your head is blank, your jaw almost hits the floor and you have no idea what to think until a few seconds later it finally hits you… You’re free. Free of the spider’s reign that brought terror upon your heart for what seemed like an eternity. Now you can lean on walls, procrastinate cleaning your bed for weeks on end and stop giving your ceilings dirty looks every time you walk into your own house. Your breathing shall no longer hitch in your throat when your skin unexpectedly brushes against something stringy and you can save a few bucks on your electricity bill as the darkness holds no monsters any more.

With that last thought you throw a smug grin at your now dead arch nemesis as you turn on the water which takes the spider down the drain along with your weekly nightmares consisting of various forms of creepy crawlies over you.

Toodley woo!