My Top 5 Anime Vampires

5, Staz from Blood Lad


“The vampire, Staz C. Blood, is one of the most powerful district bosses in the demon world, fending off everyone who dares challenge him. But secretly, Staz is also quite obsessed with human culture, especially video games, manga, and everything that comes from Japan.

When Staz makes a decision that he wants something, he’s known for always accomplishing his goal and getting or doing whatever it is that he set out for. So, when the young Japanese girl, Fuyumi, wanders into the demon world by accident and dies, Staz declares that he’ll help bring her back to life and is determined to do just that. And in helping her he also gets the chance to travel to the human world, somewhere he’s always dreamed of going.” -MAL

What sucks blood and makes the ladies swoon? A vampire. And whats better than a vampire? A vampire that’s also an Otaku. Lazy, sarcastic and socially clueless, Staz lands the spot of number 5 on my list of top 5 anime vampires.

4, Saya Otonashi from Blood Plus


“Saya is the main protagonist in the series Blood + who hunts chiropterans using a katana. It is implied that she is the last remaining vampire and called’ the only remaining original.’

Saya has no weakness to sunlight, although it is unknown if she has any of the other vulnerabilities often attributed to vampires.She does, however, become distressed when she encounters religious paraphernalia and angry when people mention God in her presence.” -MAL

On number four we have what i would consider to be one of my favorite anime heroines of all time. Saya is sensible, smart and kicks serious chiropteran butt. Yes the story line of Blood Plus is a bit unconventional than most other anime centered around vampires but having a strong female protagonist as this the show proves no moment a waste.

3, Ozaki Toshi from Shiki


“The dean of the hospital in Sotoba, Toshio resigned from university hospital, returning to take up his father’s position when he passed away. He is fondly given a nickname, “Waka-sensei”, by his colleagues as well as the residents. Toshio has a dislike to both his mother and his late father, as both of them often put reputation of the Ozaki family before anything else.

He is childhood friends with Seishin Muroi and Mikiyasu Yasumori. He is a 32 years old chain smoker and is married to Kyouko who manages an antique shop. He is baffled by the mysterious deaths and swears to solve the case and protect his village. One of the two main protagonists in the series.” -MAL

Okay, i know, i know.. So he’s not technically a vampire. Still, the dude is the dean of a hospital at freaking 32, figures out the real cause of all the deaths in the area, comes up with a master plan and leads a freaking genocide against the vampires killing people in his village all while relying solely on the power of his brain against supernatural beings. The guy deserves this spot.

2, D from Vampire Hunter D; Bloodlust


 “D is a Dhampir, the half-breed child of a vampire father the legendary Vampire lord and human mother, therefore he makes the ideal vampire hunter. He is renowned for his consummate skill and unearthly grace, but feared and despised for his mixed lineage: born of both races but belonging to neither. Often underestimated by his opponents, D has surprising power and resourcefulness, possessing most of the strengths and only mild levels of vampiric weaknesses. Unlike most Dhampirs, D is able to live as a “normal” human, though marked by his unearthly beauty and powerful aura, and thus rarely accepted by humans.

His only notable weaknesses are that he is, while not unfeeling, emotionally remote but sometimes sentimental. He is also (far more rarely than other dhampirs) randomly susceptible to sun-sickness, a severe type of sunstroke, about once every five years. Otherwise, D does not suffer from vampiric weaknesses usual to Dhampirs, possessing an imposing supernatural aura to his opponents and godlike reflexes surpassing even vampires.” -MAL

The first anime centered around Vampires that i saw was incidentally the Vampire Hunter D movie made in the 80’s, a while before my birth. Then as of the year 2000, the series went through a fantastic revamp to bring us the second movie. Namely, Vampire Hunter D Blood lust. I’ve always admired this character for its awesomeness and even is vulnerability to the part of him that’s human, but Bloodlust brought out all the positives ten fold. In Bloodlust we get to experience his struggle with himself more so than before. The fights are intensified and the amount of detailing in his character design is simply breath taking, all contributing to him securing the spot at number two.

1, Alucard Hellsing from Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate


“The secret weapon of the Hellsing organization, Alucard is a vampire, specializing in killing other vampires. At first glance he seems to be nothing but a rather odd gunman, but when he truly unleashes his powers, it becomes quite clear that he is not a mortal. 

After walking the night for half a millennium, he is constantly seeking a worthy opponent, and with his powers of regeneration, strength, and shape-shifting, not to mention his army of familiars, he lays waste to any of his master’s enemies. However, beneath his cool and heartless exterior lurks a dark and tragic past, and a longing for the only thing an immortal can never have..” -MAL

Ultimate Vampire, Bird of Hermes, Vlad Dracula III, Vlad Tepes, No-Life King, Count, Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, The Count, Zamiel, Arucard, Monster, King of Vampires, Abyss General, The Impaling Prince, True immortal, Hellsing’s trump card. Call him what you will but no one trumps the most bad ass vampire of them all. His name alone is justification of why he is and shall remain Number 1.

Honorable Mentions

Link Meier from Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust. Dude's a perfect example of a gentlemanly lady killer.
Link Meier from Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust. Dude’s a perfect example of a gentlemanly lady killer. To hell with the likes of Edward Cullen. This is how romance is done right.
Mochizuki Jiro from Black Blood Brothers. At first glance a bishounen imitation of Alucard but look deeper and you'll find a noble warrior and a caring older brother.
Mochizuki Jiro from Black Blood Brothers. At first glance a bishounen imitation of Alucard but look deeper and you’ll find a noble warrior and a caring older brother.
And Kaien Cross... the only remotely sensible character in Vampire Knight, also the only one you dont wanna grab by the shoulders and shake until they snap out of their angst. Again, not technically a vampire but still deserving of a mention
And Kaien Cross… the only remotely intelligent and witty character in Vampire Knight universe. Also the only one you dont wanna grab by the shoulders and shake until they snap out of their angst. Again, not technically a vampire but still worthy of a mention.

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