Events; MiniCon 2014


MiniCon was held in Lahore on the 7th of September as an independent venture by the members of a Pakistani anime lover’s social media based guild called Otakus Creed. Originally the event was supposed to be held at the 6th of September but the date had to be moved forward because of unfavorable weather conditions. As implied by the name, MiniCon was a relatively small event but so far it seems by the pictures and the feedback of the attendees that it was a smashing hit with the fans. Here are some highlights from the event which featured Cosplay competitions, Gaming, Duel Masters tournaments and Bey Blading competitions. The event also served the purpose of Pakistan’s first anime and manga related magazine, Animaxia to make its debut and free copies were given to competition winners. For more information and to access more pictures from the event, like MiniCon’s facebook page here.

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