Product Review; H2O Sea Results day & night perfecting peel


Today’s product review is set to feature H2O’s day and night skin perfecting peel. After my wonderful experience with NaturalSkin Shop’s Jessner peel, i had definitely become a skin peel enthusiast. Though Jessner peel’s work is never short of fabulous, there’s only one down side to it. You have to wait a week for the treated skin to shed off completely and you are pretty much trapped in the house, hiding from the sun trying not to give your sensitive skin a burn. In trying to find a solution i came across this every day use peel on the H2O plus website. According to the brand, this product is a highly efficient liquid peel designed to tenderly refine skin’s surface, revealing a recognizably even, more vibrant tone. Aides decrease the appearance of pores and restoring balance to oily and dry patches of the skin and lessen the look of fine lines. Sounds very promising doesnt it? Comes packed in a sleek bottle looking like a million bucks and all. The only question that now remains is this. Does it work?

The answer, my friends, is no. Big fat no. This product is as useless as a birthday cake without sugar. Costly too, adding insult to injury. Just goes on to serve the lesson never to buy anything without first reading reviews.. and saying no to judging by appearances, because lets be honest it looks like a beauty product out of a Sci-fi movie but fails to do anything its supposed to.  As instructed on the box, i used it day and night for weeks…actually months. And the only thing i gained from this was the sticky, oily sensation of applying Vaseline all over your face.. wait no, at least Vaseline would make your skin’s texture softer after you wash it off. This would just sit on your face. I definitely do NOT recommend you waste your money and time on this product. It gets a zero out of ten.


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One thought on “Product Review; H2O Sea Results day & night perfecting peel”

  1. I am an estetician and love this peel. I use it everyday and it is amazing. My skin feels plump and firm. You only need a dime sized amount. My clients also love it. I also use it on my neck, chest, hands and sometimes legs.

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