Shingeki No Kyojin… the day i chose hope

Post may contain spoilers even though ive tried hard to keep it vague. Please read at your own expense.

Are you the meal? No, we are the hunter!


Hello peoples.
Id think you would like an explanation about my disappearance from the blog (again) but what is to follow in this post is more interesting. I suppose its a given you already understand the annoying distractions of life.
After months and months and months of procrastination on my part, i was able to watch and become completely mentally and emotionally involved in an anime i made the mistake of not taking seriously enough while running around doing stuff that needed to be done. Even a scat load of distractions did not render me unable to watch Shingeki no Kyojin. Earlier, i had thought, what can be so interesting about an anime about skinless, brainless, giant sized, monstrous looking titans devouring human beings and a couple of kids wearing garter belts anyway but boy was i wrong. Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan was named the best anime of the year 2013 for a reason.

I came about watching this anime after accidentally over hearing someone play its opening song. The tune was catchy and rather inspiring as well so when i came home i decided to play it for myself. I checked out the video and was suddenly drawn in by how awesome it looked. And after playing and replaying and re-replaying its opening track for, say, about half an hour, i decided to watch it. Here’s the opening song if youre curious. Play it, for i am listening and rocking out to this as i write this post, swinging wildly in my chair while being given strange looks from the ‘sane ones’ across the room. Feh!

Inspiring is it not? No use denying it!
As i watched the anime i felt my heart stop at various moments. It made me cry for the bravery with which the characters faced the circumstances presented to them. Strangely, i also felt my bond with the whole of human kind become stronger. Something i have never felt before just because of some anime series. But then indeed, Shingeki No Kyojin is not just some anime series. It is what demonstrates humanity’s vulnerability and the fear that unites it against a common enemy. It is what demonstrates the hard choices one makes in order for the greater good to prevail. The deaths in Shingeki no Kyojin are not fodder. Each deceased character is portrayed as a human. Someone’s family, someone’s friend, someone’s lover. What’s harder to watch though, are the one’s alive, as they muster the strength to go on somehow. The scenes are heart breaking and capture the essence of losing someone precious in war… a war on humanity. The show had me feeling, to some extent, what a soldier might feel.

During the course of the series we meet a variety of different characters. Doe eyed beauties, fierce soldiers, complete weirdos, vicious killers, stubborn lunatics, desperate fanatics, political slaves and a weak, troubled and scared general populace all which leave their tracks in your mind while running like ants in a colony as it is invaded by man eating giants. Around this point, the opening track for the show is replaced with an equally awesome, if not better soundtrack, Flügel der Freiheit or Wings of Freedom, as you call it.

Makes the heart clench with determination. And i must say, while the openings are great, expect even better and fitting background music while watching the series. My favorite happens to be the song that plays just after (Spoiler Alert) Eren successfully manages to seal the breach in Wall Rose. Another thing, do expect to stay mentally stuck in the titan-verse for several days after finishing this anime. For me its been 48 hours and im still in somewhat of a daze. Feels as though i left my soul somewhere inside the three great walls fighting the titans with my comrades and trying to avenge the deaths of the one’s ive lost. The first season is complete and available to stream online but since there is no confirmed news about the second season, ive started and caught up to the manga which is a little ahead of the anime and has some shocking turn of events coming. The next chapter releases in early March so those of you that feel like keeping up with the manga after finishing the anime like me will not have to wait too long for even more gore-infested, feel-some goodness of the series.

I was unable to decide upon a single favorite character for this show. Yes, the protagonist plays the most important role but Attack on Titan is executed in such a manner that makes it almost impossible to pick out a single person. If youve been giving this anime the boot this long, you need to stop and give it a chance. Yes, it has become an extremely popular series but its nothing like the Big Three. It goes much, much deeper into your soul to show you human kind’s worst fear and its breaking resolve.


Well, that’s that. In other news, i have begun watching multiple anime including Steins; Gate, Jormugand, Hamatora and Nobunga the fool all of which will be briefly reviewed in the coming anime update. I was gonna talk about SnK on the anime update too but i figured it was good enough to deserve its very own post. My beauty related articles are on a short hiatus as im still waiting on some products to include in the reviews coming up and ill also be posting a new look in the eye make up section soon enough. Also, the coming March will mark the day it became three years to me starting this blog as well as my birthday. Ill be sure to post a picture of the cake for you to feast your eyes on, *evil smirk*. On an unrelated note, since im bored and running out of things to say, i’ll add that it has been raining consistently every night, all night these days and they say there’s a storm coming towards Southern California. So stay safe everyone and pray for our safety as well.

Before i take my leave, id like to present you a link to the official Twincon page where you can find even more pictures, videos and details about the recent cosplay event that happened in Islamabad a few days ago. Please click here for more photos from Twincon.

Have a good one peeps, and fight for the glory of humanity!
*Yes, i definitely plan on cosplaying as a member of the scouting legion.


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