Today’s the day!



Four hours to Twincon peoples! For those of you going, congratulations. May you have a great time. And from those of us who cant make it… well, we’ll be there in spirit, watching over you as your guardian angels.

I intend to publish a full feature covering Twincon 2014 on this blog as soon as possible. Till then, here are some last minute instructions posted by the Twincon page.

  • For Manga and Sketching Competition, you have to bring your own Stationary. We will only provide Paper.
  • Follow the rules Strictly. They will be enforced and we will take action against violators.
  • Please bring your CNIC, or if you are under 18, the guardian accompanying you should bring their CNIC.
  • If you have purchased your ticket, please keep it with you for entry into H12 and the event.
  • Any decision made by the organizing team is final and they have to right to take any action they want.
  • Come have fun,  meet new people and make new friends.
  • Pray that the events goes off without a hitch.

‘Thank you for the never ending support you have shown us.
See you soon!’


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