24 hours to Twincon!



In case you are wondering about the peeps in the picture above, they are none other than our hard working ambassadors for Twincon 2014. With only one day to go, twincon’s page has posted the schedule for the event among details for the Duel Masters tournament.



  • There will be a registration Desk inside the venue where you can register yourself for on-spot events like Duel Masters , Bey-blade , Sketching , Manga etc.
  • Since there is limited time, the schedule will be followed strictly.


Lastly, here’s an introduction of the Twincon Team that’s making this happen. A big thank you to you all!

1939728_681685688549477_2092449553_o 1926158_681705081880871_992039548_o 1921058_681702728547773_1865674452_o 1911153_681062171945162_1263969188_o 1889061_680709208647125_1219588018_o 1888980_681044478613598_391780460_o 1796082_681709581880421_1348444547_o 1782489_681580325226680_1238836510_o 1781327_681209471930432_1735150923_o 1669788_681236558594390_1243592152_o 1655792_681225818595464_2020954449_o 1617683_681056061945773_564532192_o 1606405_680701101981269_920688293_o 1602109_681101441941235_1495500673_o 1597957_681133385271374_1830261619_o 1559409_681670288551017_1448970955_o 1556464_681232318594814_98957163_o 1556291_681108641940515_855614822_o 1540363_681592011892178_16934953_o 1523039_681675361883843_640357020_o 1500880_681074831943896_514179754_o 1026199_681242688593777_1916001501_o 966513_681214641929915_465572815_o


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