2 days to TwinCon 2014!


With only two days left to go, Twincon’s facebook page has been posting as many details as they can to ensure every body has a splendid time at the event.


Entry Instructions

NUST has several Gates used for Entry.
Entry for the event will be from Gate 10 ONLY (Directions from RWP shown in Pic 1).
At Gate 10 there will be a check post where your cars will be searched. Those people who have their tickets can show their tickets to the guard and they will be allowed to enter NUST. Those who want to get tickets on spot will have to go the the reception of gate 10. Here we will have a registration Desk setup where you can get your on spot tickets. After getting your ticket and you will be allowed to enter NUST. The event will take place in NBS Ground NUST H12 (directions from gate 10 shown in Picture 3). There will also be markers to help you along the way.
Once in NBS ground you will have to show your ticket at entrance , The Person at entrance will tear half your ticket and place a stamp on your hand.
Inside the venue there will be another Registration desk. You can register for events (Duel Master’s , BeyBlade , Sketching , Manga ) at this desk. You can also buy your Sky Lantern from this desk.

1932307_681120395272673_1648350268_nDirections from Rawalpindi to H12 Gate 10

1903015_681120448606001_1497491704_nDirection From Gate 10 to NBS Ground


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