Twincon 2014 is BACK!


Hello subbies.
Thank you for visiting this blog even though i have been m.i.a for the past few days.. i mean weeks. *embarrassed finger twitching* Eh..hehe.. anyway, this is just gonna be a short post telling you about the new dates for Twincon 2014. So, this might be a little short notice, but if you already didnt know from Twincon‘s facebook page, the event is a mere five days away!!


Here’s what the page posted.

“Past 2 Weeks have been quite tough on us , We had a lot of discussion regarding possible venues.
Today i had an extensive meeting with administration of NUST H12 Campus. After a Lot of Discussion about the event NUST Administration was grateful enough to allow us to hold the event at their Campus.
By Holding the event inside NUST H12 Campus we get the security needed to ensure no problems occur. We will also have a perfect Ground to hold our event on and All of you get to enjoy the beauty that is NUST H12 Campus.
We would like to thank the administration at NUST for allowing us the opportunity to hold this event.
As for the date ? The Poll was pretty one sided 137 for 16th Feb against 67 for 16th March.
So See You All on 16th February at NUST H12 for TwinCon2014!!!!!”

A brief list of competitions to be held at the event..






Here’s the list of ambassadors you can contact for details about the tickets.


“After a Lot of Discussion with the Organizing Team. We have Decided that On Spot Tickets will be only Available at Gate 10 of NUST (Which is to be used by outsiders for entry ). These Tickets are reserved for Non NUSTIANS.

On Spot Tickets will not be available for NUSTIANS. We have 4 Ambassadors in NUST (including EME ) so People from NUST please get your tickets before hand to avoid any inconvenience. Though NUST Alumni and Student of MCS and AMC can get their tickets on Spot.”

Well peoples, im out for now. More posts coming as soon as i make sure not to flunk my next test. G’nite!


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