TwinCon Update

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 TwinCon updated..
‘We are extremely sorry to announce that Islamabad police has cancelled the NOC issued to all venues for events due to high security threats in the Twin Cities. Due to this we have been forced to postpone our event. This is as shocking for us as we have been informed just now as well. A high security threat alert has been issued by the government and for us the security of our participants is of utmost importance.We will soon announce new dates as soon as we are given the security clearance.’

‘We would like to thank our Sponsor and Restaurants who were going to set up stalls for being so supportive through these hard times.
And would like to apologize from the bottom of our hearts for any amount of loss we might have caused them by announcing the postponement late in the day;
Olive Garden, Capitol Delight, IcePresso, Burka Avenger, SMASH Magazine, Revolution Flame, Isloo Times, Three Musketeers Studio, and Next Gen Studio.’


Wow.. what a bummer. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for more updates on Twincon 2014’s Official Facebook Page. Also, there is a lot of speculation going around about new dates for the event. I suggest you dont trust the rumors. The new dates will only be confirmed once posted here.


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