Events; Creative Lounge Inauguration Cosplay Party


On the 18th of January 2014 a Cosplay event was organized by our friends over at Creative Lounge in honour of their inauguration in Saddar, Karachi. The event featured personal photoshoots for cosplayers, live music performances by FTN, open mic for the participants as well as lots of yummy snacks. Included in the post are some photos of the cosplayers that attended this event.

1535692_684844234869490_1694934225_nAmal Matt Tariq

1535566_684844584869455_1936661863_nMohammed Umer Siddiqui

482532_684844541536126_988624298_nAkbar Nazir

1555527_684844968202750_1214738893_nFatima Ali

1004967_684845814869332_662783064_nShariq Hameed


1526105_684845574869356_2022626190_nZoya Pal

1544304_684846758202571_1349474376_nRohail Hayat

996493_684845451536035_961703169_nSaad Ansari

Photo Courtesy: Vague Minds


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6 thoughts on “Events; Creative Lounge Inauguration Cosplay Party”

    1. I apologize. I could only upload a few at the moment because of browser issues, i was going to upload one of each if all but i started having problems around the time i was uploading your Kyo and Erum Irfan’s Pein. They will be added in soon. =)

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