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If you recall, in one of my anime and manga update posts, i mentioned following the anime Project K. Now if youve seen the anime, you might have been confused by some of the things in the story that didnt quite make sense. There were many questions left unanswered and many mysteries that were never solved by the time the anime ended. A few examples would be the relationship between Munakata and Suoh, the consequences that led to Fushimi’s betrayal of Homra, Kuroh’s past etc etc

However, Ive been doing some research online about Project K and ive discovered a few other adaptations that take care of all those things. Today im going to be telling you about them. Please note that some of those sources are not available on the internet for free but if you wish you could buy them online.


K Side: Blue
A novel adaptation of K, focused on the history of the blue clan and the events which led to Munakata Reisi’s appointment as the current blue king. The novel has one volume with six chapters and was published in October 2012.

K Side: Red
Also a novel adaptation of K, tells the story of how the current red clan was created, the background story of Kushina Anna, and details of Kamamoto Rikio, Yata Misaki and Fushimi Saruhiko joining the red clan and their time together as a clan. Side: Red was published after Side: Blue in November of 2012 and has one volume with eight chapters.

K Side: Black & White
Novel adaptation focused on Isana Yashiro, Yatogami Kuroh, and Neko. This was K’s last novel adaptation that was published in May of 2013 and has one volume with five chapters.

K: Memories of Red
‘In Shizume city there’s a legend about a red king with demon-like abilities that single-handendly created the Homra organization, as long as you get accepted into Homra, you can gain extraordinary powers.’ -MAL

This is a manga spin off to Project K. A prequel revolving around the story of Homra. The great thing about it, is that its complete, translated scans are available online on both Mangahere and Mangafox so you can start reading up ASAP. The manga has 3 volumes and sixteen chapters and was published from May 2012 to July 2013.

K: Stray Dog Story
‘Yatogami Kuroh has lost the only thing remotely close to family he had left—and to make matters worse, he’s been charged with a final task by his master that he isn’t entirely sure he’ll be able to fulfill. Follow this young modern-era samurai as he sets off on a quest to track down the next Colorless King and determine if he’s evil or not…and to strike him down where he stands if he is.’ -MAL

As told by the summary, this series gives us a glimpse of Kuroh’s past up until the point where he mees Shiro in the first episode of the anime. Stray Dog Story was published from November 2012 to March 2013 and has one volume with five chapters.

K: Days of Blue
‘Tokyo Regional Legal Affairs Bureau Census Division, Annex 4 also known as SCEPTER 4 is a police institution that aims to stop criminals with special skills. But for them, their real target are… ?’ -MAL

Sequel to Memories of Red and a prelude to the second season of the main anime, Days of Blue is an ongoing manga adaptation of K. This one started publishing in November 2013 so only three chapters have been released so far. Personally i liked Memories of Red better but i guess this manga hasnt had the time to develop much yet so i’ll hold off my judgement.

Gauken K
‘Shiro and Kuroh are not the only ones who go to high school. Instead, the members of Homra (including their leader Suoh) and the members of Scepter 4 attend school together. The students are sometimes lax, but at other times, they are hot-headed.’ -MAL

A spin off to Project K. Depicts the character in a high school setting. Pretty much the Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals of Project K. Started publishing just days ago on January 2014.

K: The First
‘The story takes place in a world where seven people with unusual powers are crowned as “kings,” and revolves around the “bonds” and “fate” between the people involved.’ -MAL

Manga adaptation of the first season of Project K. Started publishing on December 2013 so only one chapter has been released thus far. The first chapter is basically a retelling of the anime and the chapter ends where the Red king breaks out of prison. It is possible that the anime’s plot will be used as the background for telling the story of the First king or it could just be an exact adaptation of the anime. At the time being it is too soon to tell where the authors tend to go with this one.

K: The Movie

Although initially there were some confusions about whether there will be a second season or not to Project K, Anime News Network recently confirmed that the story will continue from the point at which season one ended in a movie sequel set to release sometime mid 2014. We can say it’s safe to assume that the translated/subbed version will not be available till the end of this year and the dubbed version could take as much as up to the start of 2015 to be available. Speculations about the upcoming movie include introduction of new characters, especially one highly anticipated Green King as well as many others.











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