Product Review; Paul Mitchell & The Truth About Curls


Yes,  i know it has been forever since i last wrote a product review but here i am once again. This time im going to be reviewing Paul Mitchell’s collection for curls. As you know, Paul Mitchell is a recognized brand in the world of haircare. It currently produces over 100 products—from award-winning styling and care products to cutting-edge heat styling tools and professional hair color and is available in over 80 countries worldwide so i was very excited to get the opportunity to try it. I got this sample kit a while back last year when these had just recently released but didnt really get a chance to try until later. The kit included deluxe sized samples of their Spring Loaded Detangling Shampoo, Full Circle Leave In Treatment and Ultimate Wave Cream-Gel.


Although the curls collection is made especially for curly girls, i found that it works quite well on wavy girls like yours truly. The key is to cut the recommended amount of product into half and spread it thoroughly so that the product doesnt weigh down your hair nor make it oily. The reason i decided to use it in the first place is that products for curly hair are usually more hydrating than those for wavy or straight hair and can do wonders for your hair if you adjust the amount properly.

Anyway, my favorite product out of the three i was sent would be a tie between the detangling shampo and the leave in conditioner. Though i was not impressed with the fragrance of the products, i was pleasantly surprised to find that they worked better than they smelt. The detangling shampoo was a life saver for my breakage-prone hair and the leave in conditioner took care of the fly aways and cow licks.

All products in this review are available at the Paul Mitchell website.


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