Awkward Girl’s Small Talk Survival Guide for Introverts


Small talk… the most pain inducing experience for an awkward introvert. If it were up to us, everybody would telepathically communicate and become familiar enough with anyone to the point where silence is no longer awkward or tense and everybody would go about their business without feeling the pressure to keep a lame conversation going. However, until that dream becomes reality, i shall share the tips i have learnt through the years by observing extroverts and socialites in their natural habitat. Hopefully this makes a little difference in a fellow awkward person’s life since we cant always avoid small talk. Without further adieu, i present to you, Awkward Girl’s Small talk survival guide for Introverts!

  • Talk about the people you both know. Example; a mutual friend, a celebrity. ‘So how do you know insert name of friend?‘ ‘What do you think of that insert name of celebrity?‘ Go from there.
  • Talk about the reason you are in the same place. Example; Grocery line, Doctor’s appointment. ‘ Phew, its so crowded at this insert name of grocery store today, huh?So how long have you been with this doctor?‘ Go from there.
  • Talk about the weather.. yes, i know its cliche but to some extent, it works if you make an actual statement about the weather instead of saying ‘Some weather we’re having today, huh?‘ Instead, go with ‘ Hey, is it me or is it actually not as cold as yesterday today?‘ Go from there.
  • Talk about any visible interests. Example; A dodgers shirt. ‘ I havent met a baseball fan in a while, what player’s your favorite?‘ Go from there.
  • Observe the surroundings. Is anything on tv? is there music? is there something happening which catches everyone’s attention? ‘ Oh look, a trailer for the news insert movie/show name here! I really like it. Have you seen it yet?‘ ‘ How do u like the playlist?’ or ‘ I really love this insert artists name.
  • Talk about , and by that i mean compliment, appearances. ‘Wow, you look different. Have you lost some weight?‘ ‘ I love your dress/shoes/jewelry. Where did you get it?
  • If its someone you know, try to remember the last bit of news or any tidbits of interests you last heard of from or about them. ‘ Hey, how’s it going with that insert the thing you were doing/thinking of doing?‘ ‘ I heard youve been ill. What happened? How are you feeling now?’
  • Compliment, compliment ,compliment.
  • Congratulate/ Apologize for good/bad news. ‘ You got into law school? That’s great! Congratulations!‘ ‘ Oh im so sorry to hear about your friend’s accident.
  • People love talking about themselves, so keep asking questions about them. Ask about their opinions about anything and everything and dont try to disagree unless of course, if you want to spend the next half hour talking to that same person. Just smile and nod while letting everything out from the other ear.
  • If all else fails, gossip.
  • When you feel as though you have almost taxed your reserves, take a ten minute bathroom break to refresh yourself and conserve some energy for the next half hour or make frequent trips to the kitchen to fetch more paper towels or help the host or check on the food etc.
  • Pull through! Remember, you can do this.
  • Reward yourself by spending the next few days healing in solitude after a day of massive socialization.

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