Anime updates

Decided to do a little update on the new anime ive finished and the manga im reading. Post may contain spoilers so please read at your own expense.

I finished Dangan Ronpa, the animation. Its basically a show based off a mystery video game in Japan. The most unique thing about this show is the fact that they used Pink blood aside from it’s colorful animation with a lot of styling details in the characters designed. The plot does seem to have a few loop holes show up every now and then and there’s a lot of things that were not clarified by the time the show ended but it was still a fun experience. This show does not a second season though. This show definitely needs a second season to clear up the confusions from last season.


Corpse Party, Tortured Souls.. a four episode long horror series filled with blood, guts and gore. Word of advice.. DO NOT watch while eating. Here’s my review .

Corpse party episode 1 thoughts; These girls have seriously messed up priorities. Corpse party episode 2 thoughts; Great idea! I’ll just leave my little sister under the supervision of a homicidal paranormal entity whilst i roam around. Corpse party episode 3 thoughts; Ermagherd! poor girl never ended up being able to go to the bathroom.. Corpse party episode 4 thoughts; lol whut? they each get a hand as a souvenir? TROLOLOLOLOLOL!


Big news.. Fate Zero’s english dubbed episodes were finally released on the internet. I did a whole post about my experience making hubs watch it with me here if you wanna know just how well that went. Let me just say, there’s no better way for two geeks to strengthen their bond other than an anime watching experience.


I tried to watch RWBY, but the animation isn’t really my cup of tea. In it’s defense though, RWBY is NOT an anime. Its an animated show alright but the graphics are not as striking and sharp as in anime. I also watched Project K for the third time. I honestly don’t know what to love more about Project K… the animation, the characters, the plot or the awesome music. I did end up getting annoyed with excessive BL though.. not judging anyone. It’s just not my preference.

Finished AMNESIA again.. Kento’s and Ukyo’s episodes are my favorite. I like to think she chose Kent in the end, but that’s probably because of my bias for guns and glasses on a character. Speaking of guns and glasses, saw the Ao no Exorcist movie in which Yukio gets hurt trying to save Shiemi from a crash and doesn’t even get a small thank you in return. That seriously pisses me off. Im big on Shiemi and Yukio so it pains me that she is almost just as dense as Naruto when it comes to realizing someone’s feelings. As for Rin, he’s cool but he’s a bit too energetic and loud in contrast to Shiemi’s delicate attitude and shyness. Yuki just makes more sense with her, nay? Dont hate me Rin-Shiemi shippers!



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