All nighters and fashion mags

Exactly how much of a bad idea is it to sleep two hours before you are supposed to wake up?
Its the catch that comes with enjoying a quiet winter all nighter. I have first hand experience. Youll be grouchy, nauseated, ready to punch anybody in the face that dares to engage in small talk with you and your eyes wouldve puffed up to twice their size… *shudders*
I never wish to go through that pain again, therefore i will be entertaining myself by drowning my stomach in coffee.. (no its actually chai.. chai works better), blasting music through my ears, mustering up the courage to go wash my face with ice cold water in freakin 50 dgrees and posting random stuff on my blog.
These pictures are from a fashion spread in a recent issue of Teen Vogue magazine. Loving the pastel hair trend. In fact, im taking a break from my usual red and browns and saving up to try this. About time i finally make a statement. I dont like the cropped bangs though.. wont suit my face. I think i’ll go with a little more length.
Now im getting tired of typing so here..look at the pretty pictures.




Scanned Document



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