Product Review; GO Ginger Face Moisturizer


Today i am going to be reviewing Go Ginger Face Moisturizer from The Go Ginger People. I got a sample of this product through a promotion held on Go Ginger Skincare’s facebook page a while back. This product is available in full size on drugstore dot com for about  27 dollars.

After using this product for a week, i determined that its performance has been moderately satisfying at best. Its non greasy, absorbs into skin easily and makes it soft and smooth.Can be worn under makeup as well. And does not make your face oily.

That said, the biggest issue i have with this product.. and what i hate about it, is the smell… Yes.. the smell of ginger… Which by the way, does not fade easily. I think it would have been better if  the ginger people gone fragrance free with this and been content with only adding the nutritional effects of Ginger instead of its smell. I mean, who would want to smell like ginger? Who would be okay with going out in public smelling like ginger? Not me.

Overall in my experience, this product does its job. Alas, its disturbing smell overshadows all its good properties. I give this product a 5/10


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