My favorite drugstore brand products


Today i want to tell you about some of my favorite drugstore brand products. Pharmacy brands are a good way to get beauty products at relatively cheaper prices. One of my most favorite drugstore brands is Walgreen’s,or Studio 35. My most favorite products from this line would be the Benzoyl Peroxide Gel, The studio 35 Makeup Removing Wipes, and the Well at Walgreen’s Oil Free Daily Face Wash.

I stumbled on to these products by accident. It happened a while back when i went to Walgreen’s to buy my usual acne spot treatment, namely the Clean N Clear advantage, a 10 dollar product at the time,which i had been using for a month without any considerable improvement in my skin condition. Well it just so happened that i forgot my cash at home and i only had about 5 bucks in my pockets. So i looked around a found a stash of these tubes hidden away at the end of the shelf and decided to give it a shot.

The gel did not absorb in to my skin immediately. It sat on my skin for a while but as soon as i put it on, my face started to feel tingly and i could tell that the product was starting to work. I put on this gel two times a day for about 3 days and most of my acne started vanishing. But as a side affect, my skin started to dry up, so i reduced the usage to once a day. In a few weeks’ time i was so confident with this brand that i decided to take a chance with other Walgreen’s products and i bought the Walgreen’s Facial Scrub, the Daily Face Wash and the Cleansing Wipes. And so i achieved the best skin iv’e ever had since turning 13!

Do know that even though my experience went very well these products, they work different for every one. Your experience with them might be different from mine so please be cautious when testing new brands. As for me, these products have become my go-to’s =)


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