Product Review; Clairol Nice n Easy Non Permanent hair color


Hello readers! Today’s product review is about Clairol’s Nice n Easy non permanent hair dye in 78 medium golden brown. So i got this at a sale at a local grocery store for about 5 bucks.  My roots have been showing alot since the Purple disaster by feria, and i wanna grow it out a bit before going red so i opted for a non permanent brown color. This is what i found in the box..


Two bottles of color, a pair of white plastic gloves (not seen in the photo because i was already wearing them), a sachet of conditioner and instructions. I had to empty bottle number one into bottle number two, give it a few shakes and apply the foamy mixture on my hair. Also i had to wait about twenty minutes before rinsing off my hair and applying the conditioner to it.

The smell wasnt completely unbeaarable, i guess because this color is ammonia free. It was quite drippy and leaky too and i had to use four towels and a jar of vaseline to stay stain free. When i washed it off, my hair felt dangerously brittle but smoothed over after i applied and rinsed off the conditioner. Here’s a before and after pic of my hair..


Both pictures were taken without using flash. As you can see, my bright red streaks from before are gone and even though the color came out stronger than i expected, its still exceptional. There were some patches and missed grays though.. plus the dye has started to wear off now because it only lasts up to 29 or 28 shampoos but overall, i got what i paid for. Will i be using it again? Probably not. I prefer Permanent hair color.

i give this product a 5 out of 10.


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