Free as a bird

Warning; This post contains spoilers for chapter 614 of Naruto Shippuden manga. Read at your own risk.

As some of you may know, Neji sacrifices his life while protecting Hinata and Naruto against the Jubi. Wooden spikes hit him square in the diaphragm and his curse seal disappears, signifying his death.

First reaction..

What a load of bull $hit, they cant kill off Neji…

Wait…his seal… its.. gone??…

Neji.. I cant..

Neji is dead! My dream is dead!! Seriously Kishimoto? Seriously? Why’d Neji have to die this way? He was just seventeen i tell you! What will happen to Team Guy now? And Tenten! OMG Tenten! Did you not once think about them? you meanie!

I just dont understand why they would kill off one of the Konoha Eleven like that. Wouldnt it make more sense for Hiashi to have saved his daughter by giving up his life? I also blame Naruto for being so slow as to endanger Hinata’s life in the first place!

Im a big NaruHina supporter, but when Naruto acts stupidly like that it makes me think maybe Hina’s too good for him. Seriously, does a girl have to die in order for you to realize what you mean to her? Geez he’s denser than a tea spoon!!

My poor Tennie chan! I cant even imagine how she will react to this! I cant even imagine her without Neji by her side! They were my Number One Naruto couple. So does this mean an end to NejiTen? NEVER! Nejiten will go on even without either of them!

If they could not be one in life then in death they shall be together! Unless Neji does end up surviving, in which case i pray that Kishimoto includes an official Nejiten scene.


Although i hope that in the end Obito gets a change of heart and revives everyone, i doubt they will use the same scenario they used to resurrect Kakashi. So now for Tenten, i see three possible scenario’s.

Either she will die trying to get avenge Neji (which i think would be the best way to go), she will continue being ignored by Masashi Kishimoto (which he has been doing so far even though he likes Tenten’s design the best) or LeeTen will become an actual reality (this makes sense, since with Neji gone, i cant see Tenten with anyone else and Leeten is better than NO Tenten, Plus i like SasuSaku)

Anyway, Team Guy will never ever be the same and i hope Tenten finds happiness. Neji will live on in our hearts for eternity and more. You will never ever be forgotten…

Team Guy Fighting!!!


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