December Birchbox

Hey fella’s! Remember last month when i said i am going to cancel my birchbox subscription? Yeah, i ended up procrastinating till the day before which they were supposed to charge me for December. Although i did manage to cancel it, i learned later on that i am supposed to cancel at least 48 before they charge me for next month and so i was stuck with another box which i finally received last week.


As you can see, this month’s box was rather festive looking because of December’s theme ‘all wrapped up’ which is likely an ode to the current holiday season. Inside the box, i found Juice beauty stem cell repair CC cream, ModelCo ultra shine lip gloss, Nick Chavez Beverly Hills advanced volume shampoo, Nicole by Nicole Richie fragrance, La fresh Eco beauty hand sanitizing wipes and a savings card for rent the runway. A mini gift box tag was also in my box but i dont think it really counts -_-


Anyhow, i’d like to say that my favorite products in this box would be the shampoo and the lipgloss. The shampoo has a nice scent and makes your hair soft yet thick and the sheer lip gloss, though a tad bit sticky, has a cute scent and is perfect on those days you want to go high on shine.


The CC cream is lightweight and might be good for my skin but i doubt it will do any good with the quantity that i was sent. Also it lacks coverage and i would not recommend it to be used in place of BB cream and concealer. The fragrance is  cool but i am not really a fan of fragrance samples that i have to pay for, i mean you can get those roller ball perfumes for free at nordstrom every now and then, but it was had exceptional scent. I was fairly disappointed to find the hand sanitizing wipes but they might come in handy sometime. Thus they have been placed in my emergency travel kit.


This months box was my sixth and last birch box,  so for a farewell kind of thing, they did pretty good this time. Although i did come to hate some birch boxes, the occasional full size samples kept me happy enough to continue my subscription for half an year.

Anyway, good bye birchbox and thank you for everything!


P.S This time, i took the pictures from my sister in law’s Samsung Galaxy S II. Isn’t the picture quality a little more sharper and clearer? 


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