Happy Doomsday!


I came up with the idea of writing this post at 10 pm while lounging in my P.J’s. Rumors are, the world will end tomorrow (that’s two hours away). There’s also another rumor saying that the real destruction will begin at 11.11 am GMT which is 3.11 am pacific in the US, so i am going continue being scared $h*tless until then.

If the world does end, i just want to take this moment to tell everyone what a pleasure its been to share this beautiful planet with you all ( before it blows up with all of us in it ). If it doesn’t, and i am hoping it wont, my plans include having a kick arse life, completing my to-do list, going to a bunker sale (cause people are gonna be giving survival stuff away like candy on Halloween), and showing off in front of my kids in the future for surviving the apocalypse.

I am going to type this post and set it to publish at midnight and if you end up reading it after 11.11 GMT on 21st December 2012, congratulations, you have just survived the end of the world. Treat yourself to popcorn and enjoy this comedy film..



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