November Birchbox

This month’s birchbox theme was ‘Give’, as in thanksgiving. Overall, the products in this box were pretty exceptional. This was what was in my box. A gifting puch, Atelier Cologne, Lulu Organics hair powder, Miracle skin transformer Vanish instant imperfection corrector, Modelco Fiber Lashxtend lengthening mascara and a packet of  Potato chip Chocolate from Chuao Chocolatier.

This time, my favorite product in the box would be a tie between the Miracle Skin Transformer Imperfection Corrector and the ModelCo Lashxtend Mascara.

First up, the Lashxtend Mascara. It actually has bits of fiber in it that stick to your eye lashes to give you long, thick, smexy eyelashes. Makes an amazing difference for someone like me who has always been skeptical about wearing falsies. This mascara is definitely long lasting, easy to take off and also, it comes with a cute little mirror on its tube so you can apply it even when you are on the go. Retails for $24.

The Miracle Skin Transformer Corrector is the best you’ll ever get. I can say with some warranty that once you use this product you wont like any other, so use with your own caution. Use this primer before make up to enhance your look x2!

I normally hate to find food samples in my box, but chocolate is the only exception. So i wasnt extremely annoyed to find a sample of potato chip chocolate, which sounds kind of gross but actually tasted pretty good. The fact that amazed me was that something that tasted so good held only 60 calories!

The perfume sample from Atlelier cologne smells like roses from heaven and i love it, but the paper gift pouch is kinda silly. And I have not used the hair powder yet because i have kept it aside in my emergency beauty bag for when i need it. I just hope it doesn’t disappoint me.


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