Bollywood rips off Deathnote?

Saturday… time for popcorn, diet coke, the couch and a bollywood movie i still have not seen… This week’s pick, Race. Awesome cast, great songs and a suspenseful plot! All was going well until about half way through the movie, when i noticed something that sent me ROFLing non stop… Let me explain.

Race was released in the March of year 2008, a bollywood movie starring Saif Ali Khan, Bipasha Basu, Akshay Khanna and Katrina Kaif. . This scene shows us how Saifu convinced his brother of his death with the help of a detective. Check it out…

Deathnote is a Japanese animated series released in the October of year 2006.This scene depicts Matsuda, an under cover detective with the fake name Tarou Matsui, fake his own death in order to stop Yotsuba corp from getting suspicious. He survives the jump from a building with the help of his colleagues by jumping into the terrace of an apartment below and placing a dead body on the street.

Pretty similar, isnt it? well in Saifu’s defense, they didnt really copy the whole thing EXACTLY as seen in Death note.. just the important stuff. Anyhow, Bollywood is not the only one that stole this idea from deathnote. An ongoing BBC serial Sherlock, airing since 2010, also MAY have copied the scene.

Well, could be a coincident.. you never know XD


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