Product review; Jessner Peel Kit from skin-peel dot com

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Hey peoples. If you havent forgotten, i did this post not too long ago as a requirement for this free peel sample from SheBlogs dot org. This will be my review for their chemical peel kit.

A chemical peel is a willful application of an ACID to produce a controlled injury to the skin. By intentionally causing ‘Damage’ to the skin you prompt the body into 1, amping up the production of collagen and elastin which form the support system for the epidermes and 2, causing the outermost layers of the epidermes to slough off, revealing newer, fresher skin.

Some basic benefits of performing a chemical peel include a better skin tone and texture, minimized fine lines and dark spots, brightened complexion, dissolved blackheads, acne control and faded discoloration due to sun damage, hormones and scarring. It is important to remember that you follow proper protocol for this procedure. The following paragraph tells you when not to use a skin peel. Please take the time to read it:

Do NOT perform a peel if you dont understand the process of a peel, are not willing to follow the pre-peel and post peel regime, are pregnant or nursing, have an std, taking Accutane, undergoing cancer treatments, been recently treated with a hair removal system, have open wounds, sunburn, rash, skin allergies, had recent surgery or have a tendency to form keloid scars.

Now that thats out of the way, ill begin telling you about the process. One week prior to the peel, as instructed on the manual, i treated my skin daily with an AHA exfoliator to prepare my skin. One the say of the peel i washed my face with a non-residue gel cleanser from Simple skincare, and applied Vaseline to my brows, around my eye area, my nostrils and my lips to make sure the acid will not affect them. Also i put on some plastic gloves to keep my hands from burning.

Before applying the peel, i kept a portable fan and a timer next to me. Then, using a gauze pad, i applied the pre peel solution to my face. This is said to cleanse the hidden dirt from the skin and ready it for the acid application. Then, i sprayed on the peel to a clean gauze pad and applied it in a thin layer over my face. Since this is a jessner peel, i only had to wait two minutes until applying another layer but it burned so much i kept my face infront of the fan the whole time. After the second layer i did the same and two minutes after the third layer, i started frosting a little bit ( that is when the skin starts turning an opaque or powdery white; nothing to worry about ) Lastly, i sprayed the neutralizer solution on the gauze pad and applied it to my face to stop the acid. Thirty seconds later i rinsed off my face with cold water and patted dry.

Now for the post peel regime. I applied a hyaluronic moisturizer to my face and wore an spf 30 sunscreen during the day even though i avoided going outside for a whole week! Thankfully, i started shedding on the third day. It wasnt very noticeable but when i starting exfoliation again on the fourth day the dead skin started to come off and i realized the effects.

One week after the peel i was left with baby soft, squeaky clean skin. Now i use it once every two months to clear out dead skin from my face. All in all a very good experience.

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