Product Review; Earth Naturals Hydra Mask sample


Hey guys. Sorry for taking such a long time to post again. I was sorta busy with my studies in the last few days but now ive finally found some time to work on my blog again. So without further ado, heres todays product review.

Last month i did a post on my worst experience with a skin care product as a requirement for a SheBlogs dot com sample. Well, this is what i received in my mail recently. A full sized jar of Hydra Mask by EarthNaturals. It is said to be infused with Apple stem cells, Aloe and chamomile extracts that repair and rejuvenate the skin. However it does not have any fruity scent or color. Looks like some plain old white colored goop, but settles in and becomes transparent once on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes. Once i washed it off with luke warm water, my skin felt really soft, clean and tight. My blackheads were gone and my pores were noticeably clearer and it also helped with some irritation that i was having on my cheeks. Now i use it atleast once a week to cleanse off my skin. Looks like Earth Naturals found another fan for their products =)


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