Product review; Dr Weil for Origins mega brightening serum

I recently posted this promotion by Origins for this skin tone correcting mega brightening serum on my facebook page. Hopefully those of you who had entered for this promotion have also gotten their samples in the mail by now. I received mine a week ago and couldnt wait to share my findings with you guys. So my samples arrived by mail in these colorful envelops you see above. Placed inside each was a small plastic sachet with enough serum inside to be used twice, or thrice if youre thrifty with it.

After my first use this product made my skin really soft and smooth, but didnt do much else. However after using this product for a week i have noticed an exceptional change in the appearance of my dark spots and blemishes. I used this product three times a day during the past week. Once in the morning , once in the evening and once before going to bed. You dont need much to cover all the skin. A few drops would suffice. Also its wearable under makeup since the texture is so smooth and absorbent. This product worked just fine for my combination to oily skin but it might show different results on different skin types. My advice is, use this serum over a light moisturizer. Be careful not to apply too much since it might feel heavier on the skin. Originally, the 30 ml bottle of this product costs about $55 on the origins website, so yeah its pretty much out of the budget, but it was good while it lasted =)

Also, some of the people who entered this promotion won a mini facial or coupons for a free in store sample as an additional gift. I did not, but for those of you who did, Congratulations! Enjoy your prize you lucky b@$tards XD


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