Nejiten is meant to be


Neji hyuga and tenten. My most favorite naruto couple of all time. They are comrades, best friends, soul mates, fated to be together.. Now if only kishimoto san could come up with a tragic past for tenten, she could get some more screen time…
Some might say she’s more suited to be with Lee, but I see it as more of a brother-sister kind of love. Whilst it is true that she admires Lee for his hardwork and determination, and Lee was the one that caught her before she fell from Temari’s blow in the chunin exams, Neji has always been more subtle in expressing himself. Besides, HOW can you dismiss the powerful Nejiten moment in Shippuden during Gai’s match with Kisame. They were basically holding each other. Lee’s catching/hug doesn’t even come close!!
Some even say she’s too boring to be with Neji, but seriously, can you IMAGINE Neji with the likes of Ino, Sakura, Temari or god forbid, Hinata? Not me.


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