DIY; Anti acne coffee scrub plus mask

What you’ll need…

A few used coffee grounds, 3-4 tablespoons of whole cream and 1 tablespoon of dead sea salt.

What to do…

Put the used coffee grounds in a plastic bowl along with cream and salt. Using a small spatula, mix these ingredients well into a thick paste.

Now, wash your face with luke warm water and a gentle cleanser of your choice and pat dry.
Pour a little bit if astringent/toner into the palm of your hand and apply to your face. Pay special attention to the T-zone and anywhere you suffer with acne. Wait a few seconds for it to dry.

Apply the coffee mask on your face and neck. Massage your skin in an upwards circular motion to get the blood flow going.Don’t massage in downwards circulation as it will cause the skin to sag. Pay attention to your neck, the t zone and the corners of your nose. Keep up this process for atleast two to three minutes, then rinse away.
To close the pores if your skin, run an ice cube all over your face ,including the eyelids, for a minute. Pat dry with a clean towel and apply a non retinol based light moisturizer.

Coffee isn’t just good for clearing up acne, but since it contains caffeine, it also unclogs your pores and heals any redness or puffiness you might have on your skin. The salt, along with cream, removes dead cells and brightens complexion. Use this exfoliator plus mask once a week for glowing, healthy skin.


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