Product review; Mario Badescu sample kit

This sample kit is available for free when you complete a free online skin analysis on the mario badescu website. You need to register and provide your name, email and mailing address as well as answer some skin related questions. When you’re done they will suggest some products for you but you dont need to actually buy anything to qualify for the sample program. In a few days they will send you an email offering you some samples on the address you provided. Once you confirm by clicking on the link they provided, you should receive your sample kit in a few days. If you dont, let them know by replying to their email which requests you to review their products.  

The kit can include a varying number of samples of different products. You may not get samples of all the products that were recommended for you, or you might even get some additional ones. My kit included thirteen items in travel size plastic containers and bottles.


The orange cleansing soap is a thick, lathery liquid cleanser. It has a slight orange peel fragrance. I use it in the morning as face wash. The enzyme cleansing gel provides a deeper cleansing of the skin as compared to the orange soap. It has a strong perfume-y smell and is thicker than the former in consistency. The special cucumber lotion is one of the better products in this kit. Essentially acts like an astringent and you can feel it working by the slight tingling on your face.


If you want to keep these masks and scrubs in a usable condition, you must keep the cap sealed on tight after every use. They tend to completely dry out and become dry flakes if exposed to air for too long. This happened to the almond and honey scrub which i only got to use twice =( It had little chunks of actual almonds in it and smelled wonderful, but wasnt much of a scrub as it was a face wash. The kiwi scrub however, was not a complete disappointment and managed to clear my pores exceptionally. It also smelled much better than the almond and honey scrub.

The drying mask is perfect for oily skin and works best when left on overnight. It smells like the earth after the rain. The healing and soothing mask is better when you have any redness or scars on your skin as it tends have a calming effect. However, if i had to choose between the two, id probably pick the drying mask.


The kit also included two kinds of eye creams, a drying cream and three moisturizers, one of which also included spf 15. The Ceramide herbal eye cream smelled pleasant and had a moisturizing quality but tended to sit a little on to my skin while the Hyaluronic eye cream had much more of a foamy consistency but didnt take much time to get absorbed.

The drying cream is sort of a spot treatment for acne and works well if you let it sit overnight. It dries out your acne significantly in just one use and twice as fast if you use it in combination with the cucumber lotion. Absolutely in love with this product.

The hydro moisturizer with vitamin C is a light moisturizer you can use during the day. Its also very easy to use under make up and provides sufficient hydration to skin during cold weather. The Ceramide and AHA moisturizer is a bit heavier and is recommended to be used at night before going to bed. The moisture magnet with spf 15 is great to use on warm sunny days when you want light moisturization for your skin as well as spf protection without it feeling very heavy.

Do let me know how your experience goes with mario badescu products in your comments. Ciao!


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