DIY; Rachel Gilbert's Upgraded Topsy Tail

Create this upgraded version of the classic Topsy tail. If you have hair past shoulder length and know how to topsy tail a pony, you can get this hair yourself. Here’s what to do…

Blow dry hair using a paddle brush. Part hair into a lower and upper section. Middle part the upper front of the hair and add mousse lightly to the crown and sides , then back comb the crown gently in order to create volume.

Take the lower section from ear to ear in a ponytail and topsy tail it inwards. Brush the upper section into another ponytail on top of the first one at the lower section. Then topsy tail the second ponytail into the first one. Tie together into one using an elastic. Put on light hairspray for longer hold.

Optionally, you can add a small hair piece over the elastic.


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