Clean Your Make up Brushes

Over time, our make up brushes become dirty with sweat, dirt and make up. Keeping your Brushes clean is necessary for your skin health and for the longevity of your brushes. Depending on how often you use your brushes, clean them at least once a week. I have been using Make up brushes from the Color Workshop for almost seven years now and proper maintainence is the key reason they have lasted for so long.

Although regular make up brush cleaning solutions are easily available in drug stores, i prefer to clean mine without spending a dime. Heres how…
What youre gonna need is…
1, Any shampoo you have at your disposal ( i use baby shampoo.)
2, Conditioner (Remember, make up brushes are made of hair, they need proper conditioning too.)
3, Tissues
4, Luke warm water.
What to do…
1, Soak your brushes in luke warm water.
2, Dab a few drops of shampoo on your palm.
3, Take a brush and move it in circular motions (as if youre applying blush on your cheeks ) on your palm for a few seconds.
4, Rinse with running water.
5, Now dab a drop of hair conditioner on your palm and move the brush the same as before.
6,Let the brush with conditioner on it sit for a bit while you repeat the same process with all your brushes.
 7, Rinse the brushes with running water.
8, Pat dry with the help of tissues and place them with the brush strands facing downwards and the ends supported by something underneath.
9, Leave them in this position for about twenty minutes or until theyre completely dry.

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