What beauty treatments you can do yourself, and what you shouldnt


1, Highlights…

Well it depends what kind of highlights youre interested in. If your going for blonde hilights, its better to get them done by a professional. The process requires precision and involves bleaching hair. Now you wouldnt wanna end up with green hair would ya?

However, if you happen to be a brunette like yours truly, its a good idea to do so yourself. Moreover, products like Clairol’s nice n easy are much more affordable and convenient.

2, Deep Cleansing…

Its a good idea to get scrubbed up by a pro once or twice an year but you can do your own facial in under $25 every two weeks. Find out how by clicking  here.

3, Hair relaxing, straightening…

Instead of getting blowouts every now and then, stock up some greens and get professional relaxing and straightening done at a salon. Depending on how often you get blowouts, you could save a lot of cash. However, you can do hot oil treatments and deep hair conditioning yourself. Find out how by clicking here.

4, Exfoliation…

Massages and scrubs are a treat when done at a spa, but also its very pricey. Its pretty much impossible to do a massage on your own, but what you can do is soak yourself in a warm bathtub with some homemade bath salt ( by mixing half a cup of sea salt, epsom salt and  two table spoons of baking soda) and use a pumic to gently rub off dead skin cells.

5, Waxing… 

Gigi’s stripless facial wax is awesome, long lasting and inexpensive. However, dont try waxing yourself anywhere else (especially eye brows). Its best done by professionals.

6, Brows…

Get some professional eye brow shaping done at a salon twice or thrice in six months. Then follow the lines yourself at home.

7, Manicures, Pedicures…

With a little bit of practice, mani pedis can be done at home. Just soak your hands and feet in mild warm water with a drop of shampoo for five minutes. Scrub off dead cells using pumice. Apply cuticle remover cream for a few minutes before using a cuticle remover tool. Moisturize. Apply nail color as desired.

8, Hair cuts…

Do NOT touch those scissors!!!  Lets admit it, some things youre not supposed to do yourself.

Happy savings XD ❤ ❤ ❤


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