Good to know; Weirdo Beauty Tips

Dry hair…

Weird Tip: I heard mayo is a good deep conditioner for your hair. Does it really work?

Expert answer: With all the good products out there, why would one ever want to put mayonnaise in her hair? I mean the smell alone is enough to do damage. Because of the fat and oils in mayonnaise, yes it does condition damaged hair follicles by coating [them] with oil, but I just cannot encourage this wacky treatment. Instead, try a deep conditioning mask that is specifically formulated for hair.

Dry skin…

Weird Tip: [Apply] diaper rash cream to [help] heal cracked elbows and feet.

Expert answer: As diaper rash cream has moisturizers and anti-inflammatory ingredients, it will help hydrate and repair the skin.

Hair static…

Weird Tip: Using a fresh dryer sheet on your hair will smooth out flyaways.

Expert answer: Dryer sheets are a great way to tame [hair] static cling on the go. It’s only a temporary fix though, so if it’s a particularly dry winter day, stash a few in your purse.


Weird Tip: To cure a sunburn, take a warm bath in VERY strong black tea — the tannins take away the sting and swelling.

Expert answer: This actually works and it will definitely help alleviate any burning sensation. Tannic acid in the tea draws the burn out of the skin and helps it heal.

Hair color…

Weird Tip: Lemon juice really does work to naturally lighten your hair.

Expert answer: Applying lemon juice to your hair before going out in the sun is a sure way to lighten your hair. The acid reacting with the sun’s UV rays accelerates the highlighting process.

Hair growth…

Weird Tip: Using hot pepper sauce on your roots will help hair grow.

Expert answer: Cayenne pepper has been used in at-home remedies for centuries. They say that it helps improve blood circulation to the scalp, through oral ingestion or by applying at the root. If you are going to try this treatment, you need to apply the [pepper sauce] all over the scalp. But the jury is still out on this one.


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