Make some eye magic


You want your eyes to pop…

Here’s what you do…wear liner or shadow in shades opposite your eye color on the colorwheel. Green eyes use purple, blue eyes use brown and brown or hazel eyes use navy shades.

You want to banish your dark circles…

While theres no permanent fix for dark circles yet, you can hide them b applying a flesh toned concealer from inner to outer corners then patting a pink based one over the area. Line the inner rim of the lower lash line with a nude pencil to lighten the entire area, but skip mascara here, it only adds darkness.

You want to look more awake…

After applying concealer, dot a champagne hued luminizer on lids. To draw attention upwards and away from the puffs, cut a false lash strip in half  and affix it to the mid upper lash line. Blend falsies and your own lashes with mascara. Last, rim lids with blue liner. It cancels out red eyes so eye balls look whiter.

You wanna super size your small eyes…

Swipe gold shadow from your upper lash lines all the way up to brow bones. The reflection will create a look of more space.  To make eyes look wider, use brown liner along the outer halves of both lash lines, forming a sideways V, then apply mascara, angling it out towards temples.

You wanna hide the wrinkles around your eyes…

Prep lids with an eye primer to plump fine lines temporarily. A bold brow and graphically lined eyes take the focus away from the skin, so fill in arches and run liquid liner along top lids, slightly winging it out.


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