Break these makeup rules


You Can’t Wear Lipstick Without Lip Liner…

Whoever said you can’t rock lipstick without a lip liner was probably the type of kid who couldn’t color in between the lines. These days, lipsticks can hang all on their own, without any help. Just make sure you have the proper tools, to prevent your color from running. Invest in a quality lip brush that glides color on and keeps its shape. Use it like a flat paint brush and start the application by loading color on the center lower lip and then pull out and perfect it at lip line from there.

You Can’t Wear a Smoky Eye And A Bold Lip…

The secret to pulling off  fierce smoky eye and bold lips? Keep the rest of your makeup sheer and focus on your skin. Wear a tinted moisturizer and skip powder if you can. Complexion needs to be a bit dewy and very touchable, so less is more.

You Have To Wash Your Hair Everyday…

Although most women don’t abide by the 100 strokes a day rule anymore (hopefully!!) some still follow the everyday wash rule. Hate to break it to ya, but that “rule” is actually just a rumor. Your best hair day is usually a day or two after washing. Our scalps produce oils and the more you wash your hair, the more oil your scalp produces. You won’t see results right away, but after a few weeks of washing your hair less, you will notice that these natural oils will distribute more evenly.

You Have To Match Your Nails with eachother…

As our favorite Project Runway hosts like to say about some of the designers’ work: “It’s too matchy-matchy!” This rules applies to nails, too. Don’t worry about matching all your nails to one color anymore, these days it’s all about mix-matched hues and complementary shades. If you’re rocking a purple nail polish on three fingers, try a black or a metallic one on the other two.

Redheads Can’t Wear Red Lipstick…

Redheads wearing red lipstick used to be a major makeup faux-pas, but alas, no more! Hair Color is irrelevant when choosing the right shade of red–it’s skin tone that counts. Pink tones are best suited to cooler ‘blue reds,’ while darker, Mediterranean, and Asian skins are better suited to ‘orange reds.’

You Can’t Wear Blue Eye Makeup

After the abundance of blue eyeshadow in the ’80s (don’t lie, you wore it too) women everywhere were too afraid to wear the cool color out of fear of looking dated.However, Navy and indigo eyeliners are on trend and look really modern when applied as a cat eye. Plus, the indigo shade will make the whites of the eyes appear brighter, resulting in a fresh, beautiful and youthful look.

You Can’t Wear Flashy Earrings And A Flashy Necklace

Although this rule existed for good reason (too much jewelry and you’ll start looking like Mr. T,) there is a way to pull it off. If you’re wearing a knockout necklace, keep your earrings proportionate in size. The well-proportioned pieces will keep the ensemble looking classy, not trashy.

You Can’t Let Your Roots Show…

Grown-out roots are another trend that can turn out bad, if done incorrectly. A little bit of root gives great depth to color and is also becoming much more common with the ombré trend. To get rid of the ‘color line’ between your roots and color, avoid getting solid colors and be sure to get a mix of tones in your hair so the roots blend with the overall color when it grows out.

You Have To Match Your Brows To Your Hair…

Depending on how drastic the color is, just because you decide to dye your hair, doesn’t mean you have to dye your eyebrows too. If you feel the need to tweak your eyebrow color just a bit, try shading it in with a pencil or powder so you can avoid the maintenance of a regular brow dye.

You Shouldn’t Wear Bronzer If You’re Already Tan…

Even girls with tan skin want to have a glow. Apply bronzer in the hollow of the cheekbones and on the temples to add warmth and shape to the face. You should never apply bronzer all over the face, as it will look like a mask: Use it to highlight features or add a subtle glow in key areas.

You Can’t Wear Eyeliner Underneath Your Eye…

Remember that pesky rule about keeping eyeliner on the tops of your lids, not underneath your eye, otherwise they’ll appear smaller? Well, that is true. But, there is one way to get around it. For the lower lash line, draw right on the edge of the rim–not on it, since that makes eyes look smaller. Also, try using a brown or taupe color to keep eyes looking soft and round.

Blush Goes On The Apples Of Your Cheeks…Wondering how to get chiseled cheekbones? By contouring your blush instead of putting it on the apples. I like to pump up the cheeks by adding brightness and color. If you are wearing a dramatic red lip, you can offset the cheeks by keeping the blush back above and behind the traditional apple area.


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