Rant; Best acne product ever


Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment 0.75 oz.

Cost at Local Pharmacy; $6.99

Pros; Works for light acne, doesnt dry skin out.

Cons; Greasy, Shiny, Too pricey for a .75 ounce tube. Worked well at first, but stopped working halfway across the second tube. DO NOT wear under makeup.

Overall Rating; 2/5

Clean & Clear Oil-free Dual Action Moisturizer 4.0 oz.

Cost at Local Pharmacy; $6.99

Pros; Light, Does not cause dryness, Easy to apply, Can wear under makeup, Good Value, Works Effectively for mild to moderate acne.

Cons; May leave skin slightly dry if overdone. Might not work on moderate to severe acne as effectively.

Overall Rating; 3/5

Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub 5.0 oz.

Cost at Local pharmacy; $6.49

Pros; Minimizes pores, easy to use, Clean feeling.

Cons; Dries out skin, irritating, Pricey.

Overall Rating; 3/5


Walgreens Maximum Strength Benzoyl Peroxide Gel 1.0  oz.

Cost at Local pharmacy; $4.99

Pros; Affordable, Fast acting, Long Lasting, Has 10% Benzoyl peroxide formula whereas name brand products have only 2% . No Salicylic acid formula.

Cons; Dries skin out if not used with a good moisturizer, Watery.

( Use in combination with Clean n clear blackhead eraser scrub and neutrogena facial moisturizer)

Overall Rating; 4/5 (WINNER!!!) ^_6


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