DIY;No-makeup makeup

Makeup fads come and go — thank goodness! — but some trends, such as the no-makeup makeup look ( its not exactly called no makeup makeup, but im not gonna use the n*** makeup term), will never go out of style. If you’ve never tried the look, don’t pack away your cosmetics bag quite yet. It doesn’t mean going without cosmetics — it just means simplifying your makeup color palette, using neutral colors that match your skin perfectly and covering imperfections without looking made up. With this look, eyes and lips take center stage, but in a subtle way, perhaps with a hint of shimmer.

To get the look, you must follow one basic rule — the less color, the better. The no makeup look involves using a few basic, neutral colors, such as rose, beige or peach, and their related shades. Begin with a foundation that is as close to your skin color as possible. Blush should have only a light tint, similar to your natural coloring. When it comes to your lips, go with either a neutral lip gloss or a natural-toned lipstick. Lightly line your eyes, but use a heavier hand with the mascara. The key to monochromatic beauty is to ensure that the products you use complement your natural skin tone, complexion and hair color.

Almost all cosmetic companies have a product line designed to make you look like a natural beauty. If you’re a do-it-yourself type, peruse your favorite beauty supply shop for your nude necessities. Many lines are geared toward women’s specific coloring to take the guesswork out of coordinating eye shadow with blush and lipstick. If rows and rows of different kinds of makeup confound you, try visiting your local department store beauty counter instead. The workers there can help you achieve your best bare face. Remember, a flawless foundation is key to this look, so read on to learn how to determine your skin’s undertone, which will help you pick the right shade for you.


Prep your skin…. Cleanse your face well with a face wash that suits your skin and dab it dry. Ensure that the face is free of oil, dirt or any make up traces. A good and clean base is most essential to carry off the no make up look flawlessly and for a longer period of time.

Dab a drop of foundation… Some makeup experts suggest skipping the foundation completely to achieve no make up look. However, foundation does have some benefits as well. They are great for smoothening the skin tone and preparing a base for the rest of the make up to sit pretty on the face. Choose a foundation tone that is the same as your natural skin tone may be tough, but try to do just that for achieving the no make up look. If you do not find an exact match, opt for a tone lighter than your skin tone.To avoid the chalkiness of a foundation, pick up from the variety of bases that are available and which are suitable for your skin– from the mousse, oil or water based formulae or even the powder foundations.

Conceal…Whether you decide to choose foundation or skip it, a concealer is a must. A concealer helps to hide the flaws of the skin. For the best application of a concealer, stand in front of a well lit mirror so that the flaws appear very clear. Dab/ roll/brush on a concealer and even it on the spot that needs to be concealed for a flawless appearance.With this your facial skin should be looking flawless and radiant. Keep an eye out on any excess caked up look. While you still need to work on the eyes, lips and cheeks to complete the no make up look, the foundation of the make up has really been set!

Flushed cheeks...For the fresh and unmade up look, a little color is a must. Choose a blusher which naturally blends in your skin tone and illuminates it without attracting too much attention to itself.If you are very fair, you could opt for a very very light bronzer. Take care to apply it to only your cheeks and not the entire face. The bronzer should specifically be kept away from the nose and forehead to create a refined look and not a tanned image. The best place to apply the bronzer or blusher is just below the cheekbones, going outwards towards the ears.  Depending upon your skin tone you could choose from very light pinks( for fair skin with reddish undertones) to peaches( fair with yellowish undertones) to apricots and browns( for darker skin).

Eyes…If you completely want a natural look, avoid heavy make up and eyeliners. Instead, curl your lashes (or put on false ones) and highlight them with a good mascara. The curling and the mascara should instantly glam up your eyes. The blusher that you used to get your cheeks ready could also be brushed on the eyelids to complete the look.

Many women want to highlight the eyes while keeping the rest of the make up natural and minimalistic. While traditionally, this will not really fall into the no make up look, there are no water tight fashion definitions in a girl’s world right? If you want to achieve this look, go for more eye shadow colors (matching your attire) or choose gray and black tones for a smoky effect and go for a bold defining eyeliner along with the curled eyelashes and mascara.

Rose colored lips… Lips should carry forward the natural look. Remember to exfoliate your lips so that they do not appear rough, dry or chapped. Gentle exfoliation also brings out the natural color of the lips. After the exfoliation, if you want to keep it simple apply a lip balm in a natural color such as pink and add some gloss to complete the no make up look. Most make up experts do not recommend using a lip liner as defining the lip line gives a more structured look than the natural look.

A variation of this look could also be to choose lipsticks which are natural and apply a very light gloss coat of shimmer. The shimmer could be golden or bronze. However, take care that you do not do shimmery eye make up and shimmery lips at the same time to avoid a ‘dolled’ look.

My favorite look is to apply a light natural shade of matte lipstick such as a pink or coral or even a light brown and apply it with a brush. Remember the shade has to be as close as possible to your natural lip color. No glimmer further enhances the no make up look.


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