DIY: At-home deep hair conditioning

Why spend hundreds on expensive salon treatments when youre perfectly capable of doing it at home.  Save your green on this easy hair conditioning treatment which only requires 30 minutes per week!

What you’ll need… Your favorite conditioner (i prefer herbal essences hello hydration or dove damage therapy) , Some mayo or a few crushed pieces of avocado, and a shower cap ( or  a polythene bag, whichever is convenient).

Mix the conditioner with mayo/ avocado paste and apply evenly from root to tips of clean wet hair ( for better results, wash hair previously with a clarifying shampoo and luke warm water.) Put on your shower cap and wait approximately 30-35 minutes, depending on the length of your hair. The heat generated from your head will intensify the hydrating effect of the conditioner. ( Or, you can blow dry your conditioner drenched hair if you want faster results).  Rinse off with cold water (and if you used mayo, its better to shampoo again =] ) Pat gently and let air dry before combing. Dont use blow dryer yet. Repeat once every week.

Happy hair days ahead ^_^ !!!

P.S You can use jojoba oil instead of conditioner.


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