When Beauty treatments backfire


Plucking is a painful, time-consuming process, which is why so many of us get our brows waxed instead. Unfortunately, with speed also comes a higher risk of crooked brows.

The better option: Pluck your brows
If you’re a wimp when it comes to plucking, use children’s teething gel to slightly numb the area. But before you shape your brows, grow back all your eyebrow hair to get the most optimal brow shape for your face. To speed up the growth process you can also put castor oil on your brows every night.


To make your pearly whites even whiter, a bleaching gel is applied to your teeth and a laser is used to help that gel penetrate your enamel. The laser generates heat to open the teeth’s pores so the bleaching gel can work its magic. While the procedure works well — one visit to the dentist is usually all it takes for a much brighter smile — the laser removes the natural fuzzy coating on your teeth, making them more susceptible to staining. Consuming colored foods and drinks such as red wine, coffee, or red pasta sauce within that first 24 hours of laser teeth whitening is [a bad idea because the pores of your teeth are open, the color from that food will seep deeply into them, causing severe staining.

What’s more, the heat generated by the laser can “cause gum damage and burning of the mouth tissue. There’s also a good chance you’ll have high teeth sensitivity for a couple of days after the treatment.

The better option: LED teeth whitening and brushing with peroxide
With LED teeth whitening, you don’t get the discomfort or the no-colored-food-for-24-hours mandate that comes with laser whitening. That’s because unlike the laser, LED doesn’t create any heat or open your teeth’s enamel.

To prevent daily stains from accumulating, brush your teeth with a spoonful of hydrogen peroxide before brushing with toothpaste. You’ll see the peroxide bubble and fizz, which is a sign that it’s gently removing any stains that you may have accumulated during the day. And even if you swallow some of the peroxide, it won’t have any adverse effects. After a couple weeks of nightly brushing, you should see a difference.


Diet pills can have a variety of active ingredients, but the most popular ones tend to have phentremine, which acts almost exactly like cocaine. Phentremine suppresses your appetite, gives you some elation, and may make you feel more energized. However, when patients abruptly stop [using] it, they may experience the same side effects as someone who is addicted to cocaine, such as low energy levels, depression, nausea and vomiting, generalized body pain, headaches, and lack of motivation.

The better option: Eat right and exercise
I recommend a healthy diet and exercise to everyone. When you’re feeding your body properly, moving your body, and giving it enough rest, your appetite and energy levels will regulate, experts agree.


When you change your hair color from what nature intended to what your latest whim inspired, you must deal with dying your eyebrows. However, opting to dye them on your own is a high-risk situation.

The better option: Go to a professional
Going to a pro to get your brows dyed is a MUST. There’s a different dye for brows than there is for hair, and if you use hair dye, you can irritate your skin, burn yourself with bleach, or even stain your skin,It’s like trying to tattoo yourself — the margin of error is so big that having a professional do it is the best, most effective way to go.


There’s a widespread misconception that after getting liposuction, you can eat Taco Bell for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and keep the weight off. But if you’re not watching what you’re eating, the fat will come back. Everybody is born with a certain number of fat cells And while liposuction removes the fat cells from a certain body part, the fat in the food you eat still has to go somewhere. Where does it go? To the untreated areas of your body first, since there are more fat cells there. That’s why you often see unevenness in body fat after lipo.

The better option: Eat right, exercise, and lipo only if you must
Doctors won’t recommend liposuction if you just want to lose weight. Rather, it’s meant to be a helping device to get you jumpstarted on your process to lose more weight and maintain it, Liposuction was perfected for people who do all the right stuff, eat the right things, work out, but can’t get rid of the stubborn fat in certain areas.


Fillers like Juvederm and Restylane help plump up your lips, get rid of your laugh lines, and fill in your cheekbones. These are quick fixes,However, you have to make sure that the doctor you’re going to is respectable and can guarantee the quality of the injections.

When people try to get fillers on the cheap, there’s a good chance of things going wrong.

The better option: A nonsurgical procedure like Exilis, an FDA-approved radio frequency treatment that helps tighten the skin through heat. The collagen in the skin becomes tighter, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It’s nothing like surgery, while it doesn’t give you the same result, it does give a nice, refreshing look to the skin. And there aren’t side effects.


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