Pulling off the Boho Chic


Bohemian literally means unconventional. For generations women of all ages have been inspired by the free spirit and defiance of the usual standard norms of dressing. Fashion pundits the world over, believe that dressing up in the bohemian style is a state of mind, something that will never fade in time. Casual comfort is the key word for the bohemian clothing and is hence a look which dominates every girl’s spring wardrobe.


The ground rule of bohemian clothing is ethnic. For bohemian clothing choose colors which reflect the oneness with nature and all things natural – choose muted tones and earthy colors such as browns, olives, khakis and egg shell whites. Anything which is too pretty such as baby pink and blue or too bright and warm such as a bright red, yellow, and orange or indigo can be given a miss. Choose toned down versions of these bright and pretty colors – perhaps with a tinge of brown and black mixed into these colors will do the trick! You could opt for matt silver and gold to team with the above colors to get the classic bohemian look.

Floral, geometrical, folk art or psychedelic prints in colors stated above are great, so are Moroccan kitsch prints or prints with ancient Sanskrit or Devanagari scriptures. While choosing prints for bohemian clothing, go with busy prints but try not to overload it with too many colors – a medley of three to four colors will look great! Again colors should complement each other without being too bold and loud.‘Simple and raw’ is the look that should be conveyed while choosing the fabrics for bohemian clothing. Choose natural fabrics such as linen, cotton – linen blends, wool and silk. Steer clear of manmade fabrics such as nylon , chiffons, polyester etc

Embroidery plays a very important role in creating a bohemian clothing. Opt for big floral or geometric embroidery. Play around with embroidery colors and techniques to have your signature bohemian look!



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