Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans and trousers are oversized jeans and trousers worn by women. Made immensely popular by the Hollywood hottie Katie Holmes, this is a trend which seems to be going really strong for Spring 2011, precisely for the reason that it looks super comfortable, roomy and airy..(even though i consider it my most hated trend..but disregard that, will ya!)

Not really. Due to the over-sized fit and as the term connotes, these seem to be borrowed from the wardrobe of the boyfriend!  However, these are meant and designed specifically for girls and are available at most online and regular stores.

The fit of these jeans is relaxed, and while they sit low but are fitted at the waist, and are loose and relaxed all through the butt, thigh and leg area. Very often these are folded at the bottom into a loose cuff to further accentuate the casual air about them.

If you are not getting a pair of jeans which are classified as ‘Boyfriend jeans’, choose a relaxed fit in a size which is one bigger than your regular size. Ensure that while it fits at the waist, it sits a little lower than usual and the thigh and leg area are loose and roomier. Do not choose sizes which are bigger than one size as they may be too loose fitting and you may end up looking shabby. ( however, i find it easier to look better in wide legged trousers without loosing comfort)

As the unspoken rule with most fashion items, team loose jeans with fitting and vice versa. If you are wearing baggy, loose fitting boyfriend’s jeans, team them with well fitting shirts, vests and tee shirts to present a relaxed, comfortable yet feminine look, which is carefully thought out and not at all shabby or guyish!


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