First look at Fairy Tail


So this is probably old news for ya’ll, but i recently just discovered Fairy Tail…Watched the first two eps on funimation and absolutely LOVED it. Now ive heard that so far it has over a hundred episodes and is still ongoing…but i hope it doesnt make me lose interest in it with too many fillers like One piece and Naruto… (dont hate me)

Since this anime has been on air for almost three years now, i guess it nwont hurt to post spoilers…. anyway, the story is about a magical land of Fiore, where magicians are born and wizards form guilds to train them, among which the Fairy Tail guild is the most esteemed of all. There are many types of magic but right now we’ve just been introduced to dragon slayer, sleep and celestial spirit magic (my favorite).

Lucy heartfilia, one of the main characters of the series, succeeds to join the Fairy Tail guild with the help of Natsu dragneel, a dragon slayer, whom she met on one of his quests. In these two episodes she has summoned the ‘Aquarius’ ‘Horologium’ and ‘Taurus’ celestial spirits. She summons them using her special Gold Keys and claims about ten of them over the course of the anime. Much to my disappointment, she has not yet acquired the remaining two celestial keys; Pisces and Libra =(

There is talk of them being debuted as anti heroes (remember capricorn?) but no statement has been made on account of the mangaka regarding their appearance (if at all).

Bearing an interest in both Anime and Horoscopes, i have definitely hooked on to this series and cant wait till they FINALLY show Pisces!!! oh and i do hope its a girl!!


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