Vampire Knight…season 3?

There’s been alot of rumors about VK season 3 coming out sometime around October this year. Although no confirmations have been made on the behalf of Mangaka Hino Matsuri as yet, there are sources that state she intends to make another season to the the anime after finishing the manga first.

Nevertheless, being a die hard VK fan myself, i was able to find an online petition demanding a season 3 to Vampire Knight. If you want to join. Click here. (P.S. your street address is not required, its optional.)

Personally im pretty psyched about the rumors…Its been a while since i finished viewing vampire knight guilty,admittedly,I was so sad that it end like that,I was hoping a better ending rather than Zero telling Yuki that if they will meet again,he would kill her because she’s a vampire.

I strongly believe that there is a season 3 on vampire knight because even the manga which started all of this popularity hasn’t been finished yet.Who knows?maybe there is really a season 3 on vampire knight or maybe Studio Deen is still making it but let us cross our fingers and hope it would be true.After all,aren’t there any more anime shows who gets this kind of story from character developments, the art of Hino which is extremely gorgeous and dashing.To top with that a story of twist and turns in every character that is involved in this show.


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